The one missing

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Some enjoy so very much, to meet up with the people of their past, and think back fondly to their childhood days, but what about the others? Those that nobody noticed, those they have hurt and insulted. If you push someone around, just why would you think they'd be pleased to see your face again?

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



An evening beautifully mild

Cheerfull chatter and laughter in the air

Mood high as the moon


Talking, jocking all together

As if never parted at all

Lost, forgotten old time friends

Come as close as once before.

Bitter enemies turn dear friends

Happy to meet once again

Sharing old memories of supposedly better days


Only one is missing out,

Laying back alone in a quiet home

In their hand a picture of same old times

Filled with memories, forgotten wished.


The slightest smile, thoughts calm down

As the picture is torn the pain remains

Maybe to ease in time


The times are over at last

No use to stirr things up again

No need to see anyone again

Because I am the one missing

The one who's never missed

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