run away

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young, strong girl runaway from her family for not being accepted and saves her "best friend" more chapters coming soon

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016





“You never understood me! Why would you even keep me if I was a mistake?” I said with anger in my voice.

“I don't even know why I kept you. You never were part of our family. I wish I never had you!” She turned around and stared out the window.

“Fine.” I ran upstairs and packed my two bags full of clothes and food. I came back down and walked two the door. “Sorry I gave you the worst sixteen years of your life. May I hope your next sixteen years be the best!” I said sarcastically. I started walking out the door.

“And where the hell are you gonna go?” my mother asked.

I turned around and looked at her. “Anywhere but here” I slammed the door and left. She ran to the door and yelled,

“You won’t last a day without this family, you have no one else. Where are you really going to go? To your girlfriends house?” There was a long pause.

Then I started to laugh, “There’s a note on your desk. I am sure you won't find us!”

I started running into the forest because I knew it was a shortcut to Autumn’s house. I texted Autumn, ‘I’m on my way. Be there in forty. We need to talk.’ she got the message right away and replied, ‘I have a problem. Someone's inside and I don’t what to do, I don’t know who it is.’ when I received that message I started running. Her house wasn't in the city and there is no one around her. I texted her, ‘hide in the closet and turn your ringer of. Stay silent. Call me.’ It should take me ten minutes to get there if I run.

“Jeri?” she whispered through the phone.

“I’m coming, it’s okay. Stay quiet and don’t move.” I replied while putting all of my things under a pile of sticks and leaves .

“Jeri , please hurry I’m scared.”

“I’ll be there soon. Where are you?”

“I’m in my closet right now.”

“Okay stay on the phone with me and tell me everything that happens. I should be there in five minutes.”

She went silent then said, “Jeri they’re coming. Jeri they’re outside of my room. They’re in here Jeri hurry. Jeri”

“I found another one in here. Come get this girl, she’s just what you were looking for! Gimme that you stupid gi…” beep. They hung up the phone.

“SHIT.” I dialed nine one one.

“Nine one one what is your emergency?”

“Nine seven two riverson street. Come quickly, someone is in my friends house and they just took her. I’ll be there in five and who ever hurts her is gonna get it by me so you better hurry!”

“Miss please stop where you are and wait. Officers are on there way in five minutes so sto…..” I hung up the phone.

“To late. I’m already here!” I said to myself as I stood outside of Autumn’s  house.

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