Child of the Earth

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Strength of a woman, of Mother Earth

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016




Child of the winter--

Daughter of the night--

The chill wind is thy friend.

The winter snow thy humble playmate.

The paleness of your skin holds a special beauty.


Wisdom is yours,

And, as life flows so do you.

A child, no a woman of the earth.

No one will ever be able to hold you as slave

For you are a wild thing, like the wind, or a winter storm…

the elements of our Great Mother flow together to shape you.


Beauty swirls about you.

You are an inheritor of the night.

The reflection of the planets create

The wondrous sparkle in your dark eyes.

The moon gives birth to the passion of your moods.

The starlight is the warmth flowing from your heart & hands.

Things that we never knew before now which measure your thoughts.


The deeper knowledge of the Earth

Is at your beck and call for healing and comfort.

To those who come to you for wisdom & guidance

You give the fullness of a mother's womb, its stillness & peace,

Awakening in us each a deeper love and respect for all that is life.

The dynamic balance of opposites in you fashions us anew, making us whole,

imparting to those ready the extraordinary insight & rhythm of Our Mother Earth.





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