My lost faith in you

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For you it may be my fault for what we have become

But what you did not know, is that my faith in us was long gone

For all the times of being replaced

And all the accusations I had to face

Every time you didn’t stand up for me

And every tear you didn’t care to see

All the discussions we did never have

And all the times I only needed you to care

With fears and problems you left me alone

So there are a few points to where my trust in you has gone


Alone I had to learn to stand up and fight

To face another day after crying at night

I went back and forward from home to home

But on neither place I really felt to belong

It is the fault of you both that I have become like this

And for the family moments you made me miss

With pain and loneliness you left me alone

Here a few more points to where my faith in you has gone


Two cowards who were to busy to see

But now you stare at what we turned out to be

One is angry while the other is sad

And yet again I am the one who did bad

But I’m done taking blows and being the one you blame

Now you can take all back by feeling the same

With guilt and despair you left me alone

That is why my trust and faith for you is long gone! 

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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