A Night Drive

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Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



The sky turned to darkness and the only light illuminating the road were those on the front of the rusty, beating down Ford Pinto that's as old as the stars freckled across the night sky, he was alone. As time passed on the feeling of loneliness grew larger and larger until the car came to a stop, and he stepped out. After a large inhale and slow exhale he began to take notice of his surroundings. It was dark, the trees moved calmly in the wind and the faint sound of wildlife in the forest was confirmation enough that he didn't belong here, he was a guest. After much thought and pacing back and forth he decided to get back in the car and drive on. As he drove down the seemingly endless road his thoughts began to wander but were quickly shattered by the heart-stopping sound of thunder in the sky. It was so loud he almost crashed the car into a ditch on the side of the road but just managed to regain control and keep driving. His heart was pounding out from his chest and adrenaline was pumped through his body, he pressed his foot harder on the accelerator as the car drove faster and faster. There was no destination in sight or in mind, he wasn't driving to get somewhere, he was driving to get away from somewhere. 

Before long he came to a petrol station, the lights were on but there was no sign of life. He pulled up to one of the pumps and began to fill his car. The faint sound of a shotgun cocking caught his attention. Before he could turn around the shotgun fired. In a state of shock he turned around to see nothing, he hadn't been shot, it came from inside the petrol station. Slowly but surely he began to make his way into the station, little beads of perspiration dropping from his face to the cold ground as he walked. The sound of the bell ringing as he entered the station was enough to break him from his state of shock. Everything in the station seemed.....normal. There wasn't an item out of place. The cash register was undisturbed, it wasn't a robbery. Thinking he just imagined the whole thing he began to make his way to the front door when he thought.......the back room. Curiosity got the better of him, he needed to know what was in the back room. As he walked towards the back he again noticed just how perfectly placed each item was. All the labels faced outwards and upright like soldiers standing at attention. As he entered the back corridor he was again standing in darkness, the only source of light was that at the end of the corridor. A dark red light shined from under a lonely door. The man made his way down the corridor, his heart pounding harder with each step he took. He reached for the door handle and gripped it tightly. As he turned the handle to the left and gently pushed the door forward it creaked louder than a jet engine. When he saw what was inside he vomited all over the floor as he fell to his knees. The room was tiny and covered in a blanket of blood. In the centre of the room was a body lying face down, with a shotgun next to it. The man managed to get back on his feet, his hands and knees now covered in blood. There was a hole the size of a tennis ball in the body's head and the uniform he was wearing confirmed he was an employee of the station. The room itself was bare except for the red light hanging from the ceiling. Without hesitation, he ran back to the front of the station towards the phone to call the police. However, when he got back to the front the items were no longer on the shelves in perfect condition, they were scattered across the floor. They piled atop one another, every inch of the floor was covered. The man no longer cared about the police and he bolted for the front door trying his best not to trip over the mountain of items on the floor. When he made it to his car he was shaking so much he struggled to get the key in the lock but when he did he sped out of the station and drove as fast as he could up the road.

Some time passed and the petrol station was out of sight. The man's surroundings never changed, a dark straight road with sky-high trees either side of him. In a moment of relief, he exhaled and sat back in his seat and began to slow down to a consistent speed. It was at this moment he noticed a small building in the distance. As he got closer to it his heart sank and he began to feel cold. It was a petrol station, it was the same petrol station that he had left behind him. He knew it was because of how normal it looked on the outside. Plain walls with faded grey paint, overhanging red roof, clear windows......with the lights on inside. Every part of his brain told him to drive past it and keep going up the road.....but he couldn't. Something was drawing him to the station. The man was no longer in control. The car came to a stop at the same pump as before and he stepped outside. It didn't take many steps for him to reach the front door and push it open. As he stepped inside he was greeted with the same sight as before, all the items standing at attention. Tears began to roll down his face when he started to walk towards the back. The light from the front of the station didn't shine here. The only light that shined was the red light under the lonely door. The man prepared himself for what he was about to see. A dead body with a gaping hole in its head and a floor painted in blood. However, when he reached the door and opened it, there was nothing. It was pitch black, so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Reluctantly, he took two steps forward into the room and the door slammed behind him. The man was so petrified he felt light-headed and woozy. Right as he felt faint a light bulb turned on above his head. It wasn't red like before, it was white. The contrast between black and white was enough for him to be blinded temporarily as his eyes tried desperately to adjust to the light. It was too bright however and if he stayed much longer he would lose vision completely. It was easy to locate the door in such a small room and he opened it and fell to the floor. Instead of feeling the cold, solid texture of the station floor he felt a soft, comfortable texture. As his vision came back and he stood to his feet he looked above to see stars. Millions and millions of stars covering the night sky like spots on a leopard. The door had opened to the outside world, the dark outside world. When he looked around he saw nothing but corn, he was standing in a cornfield. At this point, the man was more angry than confused. Behind him was a concrete box with the lonely door that he had come through on the front. He climbed on top of this box to get a better look at where he was and find a way out. Although when he stood up and looked around he saw nothing but cornfields. In every direction as far as his eye could see there was no way out. Fear pumped through his body when he heard the rustling of corn plants. He looked ahead roughly 100ft to see plants moving in the same position. Before he could react they started to move rapidly in his direction. Panic set in as he jumped down from the box and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Desperately the man tried to run away in the opposite direction. Knocking down corn plants as he ran he screamed for help even though he knew nobody could hear him. The rustling behind him got louder and louder as whatever was chasing him drew closer and closer. The man didn't get very far before he inevitably tripped and fell to the ground. All he could do was lie there and wait. The rustling slowed down and every inch of the man's body was trembling in fear and tears once again poured from his face. His closed his eyes and awaited his faith. The rustling stopped, everything was silent. The man, still trembling, slowly began to open one eye when the sound of thunder made him scream and awake. The car began to veer off the road but he regained control and kept driving forward. The man was sweating, his heart was beating faster than a hummingbird's wings. Was all of it a dream? Had he imagined the whole thing, the thought of it being a dream gave him great comfort and he exhaled with great relief. 

About twenty minutes pass and the man is calm once again. As his car drove over a small hill an object began to reveal itself on the horizon. It was a petrol station.......it was the same petrol station. The man felt sick to his stomach as he got closer to it. That sickness quickly turned to rage as he pulled up to the station and kicked the front door in. The lights were on, the items were standing at attention. He rapidly made his way to the back corridor. The red light was shining under the lonely door as always and without hesitation, he kicked the door off its hinges. He stepped into a pool of blood, a shotgun on the floor, and a dead body, this time facing upwards. When he saw the clothes the body was wearing he realised he was wearing the exact same clothes. It wasn't a uniform like he originally thought in his confused state. It was a light blue jumper with jeans and white runners. The feeling of sickness came over him again as he looked at the body's face.........he was looking at himself. He fell to the floor as the memories came flooding back. No family, no close relatives, no friends and a minimum wage job working the graveyard shift. It was all too much for him to handle and one night he ended it all. Here he is now stuck in this cycle of driving to work that night and killing himself. There was only one thing he wanted to know........'Is this Heaven, or is this Hell?'

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