Deadly Lovers

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The First Day

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



As i lay here damn near almost lifeless on the hard tile bathroom floor suffering from two gunshot wounds i go in and out of conscienceness. I struggle to get to my feet and get to my cellphone which was laying on the table no more then 5 feet away from the bathroom i manage to pull my self up by using the sink once both of my feet were touching the floor i took three steps and passed out everything went black the last thing i recalled was saying "mommy i love you i-i-im sorry" 


Five Years Earlier 

August 5,2010

It all started when my homegirl Ivory introduced me to this guy name Deshawn, we had went to the movies where her boyfriend and his friend met us. When he came up to me i was admired by his nice straight white teeth but i really was taken abacka by the confindence he had. Hey babygirl my name is D" he extended his hand out to me i shook his hand bt before i could pull my hand away he bowed down and kissed it gently. I said do u always kiss the hands of every girl u meet? he replied No just the pretty ones i like to get to know. All four of us busted out laughing his boy heckled at him "damn Deshawn that was very cliche" "well u cant blame a man for trying anyway what corny movie is we going to see anyway. After we got our tickets we went to the consession stand after ordering nachos and a freeze when the man totaled my order Deshawn pushed my hand back and offered to pay for my order " no ma this is on me keep ya money" i kept insisting that i can pay for my own food but he was very adament about me not paying so instead i let him pay for it. Once we got in the theatre Ivory and her boyfriend sat three seats down from us leaving us to ourselves. So ma you never told me ya name? Its Shanna i replied to him. So, Shanna why ur man not here with you? i jokingly said " well damn arent we nosey laughing i look at him and said nah im just kidding really i havent dated anyone in about a year my last relationship took alot out of me and i just needed time to recuperate and get myself back together" his smile even spreaded wider  So if i was to ask u on a date would u go out with me? i gave him this unappealing look " look Deshawn im just here to watch the movie dont get me wrong u seem like a nice guy but im still not ready to get invovled with anyone right now' He gave me this despondent look and for a minute i felt a little quilty all this guy wants is to socialize its not like hes trying to consort me. We all got quiet once the lights started going down thats the way it remained until one particular scene when one of my favorite actors come on which was Samuel Jackson excitedly i let out a little scream " oh-my-god i love this movie" i looked bashfully from side to side making sure no one heard that Ivory and her boyfriend was snuggled up they were kissing deeply from what i could see through the movie light flickering but as soon as i looked to my right Deshawn was looking at me with a big ass smile on his face he asked " soo im taking it that Sam Jackson is ya favorite actor? i said "yes he is" " mines to, i especially loved him and Gina Davis in the long kiss goodnight" i looked at him bug-eyed and loudly whispered "no fricking way man that is also one of my top five movies"  He asked " o really so what is your other favorites? i replied  "well that was my number one , number two is set it off number three is whats love got to do with it four uuhh lets see cujo and number five is players club.With a quizzical look plastered on his face i said what why are u looking like that he laughed hardly and said i never met a girl our age that seen cujo" well now u have i watched that movie so much i know line from line then i busted out laughing. he looked at me with a radiant look and said u are very pretty and u have a very pretty smile" for a minute i stopped laughing and just smiled slyfuly thanked him. Soon after the movie was over we headed for the exit. He asked me if he can walk me to my car and i agreed to let him so i hugged Ivory goodnight and said my goodbyes to her boyfriend and Deshawn proceeded to walk me to my car. thinking this was the end of it he leaned in my car door and asked me for my number i hesitated at first but after feeling guilty from earlier i decided to give it to him i told him to pass me his phone and dialed my number then gave it back to him i went to turn my key over and all i heard was rapid clicking sounds.

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