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When you're lonely, when you suffer and you know too well, nobody will be there...
When you know, no matter much you shout and cry, they cannot be there...
When all you wish for, all you need, is just one moment in these arms...
When you know too well, that is exactly, what just cannot be...

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



I remember words, that make me wish for you so much

whether someone lays his eyes on me, I wish it was you

walking against the winds of time, I wish for you

as I can only tell the stars, I wish for you


In the timeless time,

I can wish for nothing

but someone to hold on

I wish for you...


When live weights heavily on your shoulders, I wish for release

whether the pain of loss causes your tears, I wish for comfort

in these lonely nights, I wish to hold you

as gentle rain falls, I wish to answer your silent call


in the timeless time

cries become voiceless

only a silent chant remains

‘I wish for you’


To dream together through the seasons, we wish

whether nights are cold, to hold each other, we wish

painting the world like our season, we wish

as the world breakes into pieces, to stay together, we wish


in the timeless time

we will hold each other

when anything fades to nowhere

I wish, for you...

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