Love me in the Rain

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When rich and poor mash up, two worlds are clashing and create a rift, never to be filled. A relationship like that, in secrecy, it doesn't have a future, does it?

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



It was a really beautiful day in mid-summer.

The sun shone brightly on a clear blue sky and the air was filled with the scent of fresh grass and countless flowers, the heavy smell of the town seeming to completely fade away in this little park.

Not the slightest wind strode through the blooming trees, in which dozens of birds cheerfully sang their marriage songs.

It was about late noon, and even despite that and the wonderful weather there was not a single soul around... or was there?

A dainty figure sat quietly in the center of this green oasis, it’s legs hugged tightly to the chest, head tiredly resting on the knees. Shaggy, almost white, half-long bangs of hair hung down covering the last visible rest of the face. A long pigtail stretched itself out across the small back of the person like a river of blunt, deep black hair.

Despite the humidity there was barely any of the person’s skin visible.

The feet stuck in solid army boots, the upper body was veiled in an obviously old t-shirt on which the letters, once printed in deep red, have faded to a light orange and halfway gone off already, and the legs were clad in a pair of overused, holey jeans. All of it seemed kind of oversized, considering the tiny shape of the person.

Just a set of woollen armbands of some undefinable color were tightly hugging the part of the skinny arms that was not covered by the shirt.

Almost beyond notice to a spectator’s eyes the figure was slightly rocking back and forth, softly humming a slow, melancholic tune against the happy twitter of birds. Somehow this sorrowful melody was telling a story.

A story of betrayal, disappointment and distrust, combined with a sharp tinge of confusion, helplessness, despair and above all, longing.

A longing to finally be at the sunny side of life. A longing to not have their heart robbed, to get it thrown at their feet, completely smashed again. A longing to capture one’s heart. A heart that would mend with his own and stay united forever.

Just gentleness, for once.

But the person knew that that won’t happen in this life.

There was no person pure enough to be able to touch their heart for real, not one.

Well, Karma’s a bitch. It had always been that way, but how could it even be different. It was not like they were even worth it, an Aryan-Asian bastard of some naive prostitute and her violent pimp. A street kid without friends, without a future, that had never known anything besides filth, violence, fear and being made use of, having to get around with stealing, housebreak, gouge and even drug dealing at times.

Who would even want to know such a person.

Suddenly all too familiar laughter echoed in their head and their heart skipped a beat as they thought about the only person in their life that they could freely talk with, in whose present they felt good.

But even that sparkle of hope was quickly pushed away.

She surely is miles away already, sitting in this fine collage she always wanted to go to. But it’s alright, I’m used to it! Just go and forget all about me! Live your own life and be happy, that’s my only wish. What would she even want from me? I can give her nothing. No future, no diamonds, no gentleness, barely even a smile! This way at least none of us will get hurt. Come on, wake up and look reality in the eye. She’s not gonna come...’, the person thought to itself as suddenly the rapid pounding of footsteps approached, ripping them out of their depressing train of thoughts.

Their head snapped up in surprise, revealing a face which was generally shaped flat, but the sharp contoures made it look almost haggard, fitting the slightly pitched nose perfectly. Below thin, halfway shaved off eyebrows, the narrow almond shape of dull, steel blue eyes widend in surprise as they spotted another figure appearing out of a group of trees in short distance, practically flying towards them.

The person slowly rose from their former sitting position, now looking even more tiny then before, as the other, beyond any expectation, threw themself around their neck, squeezing tightly, causing the other to stumble, almost fall.

I missed you so much, Ryoko”, the incomer softly said, as she let go, taking a little step back to look at the other from big, chocolate brown eyes, sparkling like the brightest stars, the full rosy lips curved up to spread a huge beam on the breathtakingly beautiful and overly soft, but clear featured face, framed by a full, slightly curly mane of shiny dark brown hair in a layered cut.

Unlike the other, this one was rather less clad. An expensive looking corsage top, that actually showed more then it hid, was tightly hugging full breasts, while a short circle cut skirt of some very light material was playing around long, well trained legs.

Tiny satin ribbons held filigree plateau sandals to delicate, little feet.

The plain white outfit, contrasting with milk coffee colored skin, indicated a tall and slender, but at the same time firm and extremely feminine shape of body.

This angelic appearance and these words, sounding so foreign to her, left the blonde, Ryoko, as the Latina had called her, in a complete loss, unable to tear their eyes of the other, still unable to believe that she’d indeed come back.

The still quivering lips of the androgyne slowly opened to whisper in a voice that was deep and hoarse, but definitely female, “Felice... I thought you were...”

Felice’s smile wided and she silenced Ryoko with a slender finger on her lips.

I just...”, she began, but was suddenly interrupted by loud thunder.

The both of them had been too distracted to have noticed that meanwhile thick rainclouds had gathered. They barely had the time to turn their eyes skywards, as the rain already started to pour down on them heavily.

Ryoko gasped in disgust, as the cold masses of water made contact with her until then dry clothing. She quickly reached for the other’s hand, intending to run for shelter together, but Felice didn’t move, turning the smaller blonde around.

Let’s stay. I like the rain.”, she exclaimed, voice a little deeper then usual, adding a promising smile to the mysterious sparkle in her eyes as she locked eyes with her surprised fellow.

A moment passed until the blonde indicated a nod, swallowing hard as she had to notice Felice’s white cloth turning transparent from the rain and she quickly cast her eyes to the floor, ashamed. For a couple of minutes there was an uncomfortable silence between them, until Ryoko couldn’t take it anymore.

Why did you come back?”, she asked, voice coming out as a hoarse whisper, reflecting her inner conflict.

Well, it had been a great chance, hadn’t it?”, Felice replied, a little challenging, causing the other to hang her head even more. Then she moved closer.

But what should I do with that...”, she went on, then shortly paused, lifting her hand as she continued, “if this meant...” She let her fingers travel under the Ryoko’s chin to gently lift her head, locking eyes, faces only millimeters apart as she finished in a soft whisper, “ miss an even greater chance”

Ryoko’s blue eyes widend, reflecting a silent question. “Why?”

Felice’s wake, chocolate brown eyes read the expression immediately.

Her lips almost touching the other’s and she whispered, her brown eyes never leaving Ryoko’s blue ones, “I’ve found... my raison d’etre”

With that Felice closed her eyes, not noticing the set of blue eyes widen even more in utter shock as she pressed her lips to the blonde’s in a gentle kiss.

Ryoko gasped and pulled away, her face clearly reflecting the shock and confusion she felt, unable to say a thing.

Felice frowned, completely surprised by that, to her, odd reaction.

What?”, she nearly snapped.

I meant what I said”, she added, a little softer, but Ryoko only shook her head frantically.

No... No...”, she whispered repeatedly, “This can’t be... not again... no.. don’t freakin’ play with me!”, she cried out, whimpering, backing away a bit, leaving Felice completely stunned and confused, staring at her questioningly, as if she’d just seen a ghost.

You’re from a good family! There’s no way you could possibly wanna hook up with a wracked up street kid like me! It’s wrong! Your parents would kill me if they knew!”, she yelled out, completely having lost it, voice cracking turning into sobbing as she added, quietly, “And nobody would even care...”

She turned away in a helpless attempt to hide her tears.

She was not used to crying, she hadn’t for long, especially not in public.

I’d care!”, Felice suddenly burst out, entirely upset at what she’d just heard, but Ryoko only turned her head a bit for a moment to shoot her a disbelieving glare, along with a slight, contemptuous smile.

Completely stricken Felice couldn’t, but rush to her side, embracing him from behind. “Ryo~, please, calm down now, okay?”, she softly said, close to the blonde’s ear, slightly rocking her.

Look, why do you even care about that shit? Nobody can choose their fate. Neither in which conditions they’ll be born into, neither whom they’ll fall for. It’s so none of other people’s business! It’s _my_ decision whom I wanna be with, and that simply has to be accepted. You belong to me, that’s a fact, and nobody’s gonna change that, because of a few simple minded idiots, alright? The hell with them, I don’t care about that. All I care about is you. Why can’t you just try thinking like that, too. There’s no use in fighting! You’re not alone anymore! Accept it, be happy about it! And just forget about the rest, okay?”, Felice spoke, voice still soft and comforting, but at the same time demanding, passionate.

Then she continued, a cheeky smile spreading on her face, “And besides...”

She let something small slide into Ryoko’s pocket, whispering to her ear, “You’re not a street kid anymore...”

Hearing this, Ryoko’s head turned immediately, staring at Felice, completely overwhelmed, her eyes wide, torn between uncertain and happiness, as she was trying to realize what was just happening.

Felice simply gave her a bright smile and a reassuring nod.

Felice...”, Ryoko wimphered, tears welling up in her eyes, still looking at her.

Then suddenly she just threw her arms around her beloved, hugging her tightly, sobbing slightly. Felice held her, stroking the shaggy hair, whispering, “Shhh, it’s alright”, over and over again to calm the sobbing blonde down.

As she had calmed down a bit, Ryoko slowly raised her head, locking eyes with Felice. “Me, too”, she mouthed, barely audible.

Felice smiled brightly and pulled her a little closer, both closing their eyes as their lips met, once again, in a gentle kiss, clutching tightly to each other.

At first Ryoko still felt a little uncomfortable, responding only reluctantly, but soon she couldn’t hold back any longer. She’d held back, locking her feelings away for too long already; from the moment she’d seen Felice for the first time, to be exact.

But now she was finally holding her beloved, engaged in a kiss that was growing more and more passionate.

Their hands were starting to stroke each other bodies as they slowly sank onto the grass, giving in to the passion, forgetting everything, even the rain that was still pouring down on them.

As the rain had ended, the two of them were laying on the still wet grass, cuddled up in a tangle of arms and legs, smiling happily as their breath was calming down. None of them said anything for long, they simply enjoyed the atmosphere they’d created. Eventually, Ryoko turned her face to Felice, pushing a strand of hair from her face, as she studied her closely.

I’d never believed this could happen”, she whispered quietly.

Felice just smiled instead of an answer, before she slowly rose from the grass, extending a hand to the blonde.

Let’s go home”, she suggested.

For a minute Ryoko just stared up into the sky, smiling, before she turned her eyes to Felice and took the offered hand.

Yeah, home...”, she mumbled thoughtfully, standing up as well.

And so, the both of them walked hand in hand into the sunset together.

Going home.

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