They Lie: A Poem About Being Gay

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is meant to be read aloud, and take pauses with every comma, new paragraph, and period.

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



They say it gets better

They lied.

They say it gets easier with time, that

Eventually you can breathe easier.

They lied.

They say that in the future you will

Find happiness and joy.

They lied.


They say coming out

Helps free your soul.

That you can feel weight leave you,

And acceptance is next to godliness.


They lied.

They lie,


It’s what they do, and it

Is the only thing they know.


Being Gay is like standing on the edge

Of a precipice;

One misstep, and you’ll fall.

Every breathe hurts, and

The only friend you truly have is fear.


Fear of the precipice of your life,

Fear of rejection on one side:

Fear of retribution on the other.


You are in a box that is slowly closing in on itself.

It steals your soul, and you can feel hands

Slowly crushing your still beating heart


Photos on your screens of love hurt,

People kissing hurts,

Emotion and affection hurt, because you

Say to yourself “That will

Never be me”


And how can it be you. You’re nothing,

But a hollow shell of what you once were


On the precipice of your life, Death

Himself pretends to be your alley.


“Come join me’ he says ‘Jump and

Feel your problems fall away”


He lies, but you don’t know that.


Alcohol and Narcotics help,

Ruin your already ruined life.

Liquid Courage helps make the cliff side slippery,

And Pills will only help to trip you.


When you were a kid, needles

Frightened you, and now that you

Are “grown up” they are a necessity

Because you thought Heroin would



They say time heals all wounds,

But when you are someone who is Gay,

your scars are in your mind,

And not on your body.


Your mental scars are from those around

You. They are from the looks,

The sneers, the whispers


And you do have scars on your body as well,

And if you don’t, one day you’ll get them.

These are from people who thought it would

Be a good idea to injure who you are.


You have your scars,

I have mine; a now small imperfection

Right above my left eyebrow, which was

Given to me be by someone’s fist.


As someone who is Gay,

I say “I’m fine” with crossed fingers


No. There is no precipice,

It’s only a tight-wire. 

You set goals to survive-

When I reach this part of the rope

Everything will get better.


You start counting the years, then the months. You’re slowly

Getting closer to your “freedom”

But fear is following you,

Fear and doubt.


And maybe you reach your goals,

And maybe you find happiness and

Maybe you find someone.


Maybe they say they love you.


Maybe they lie.


But of course they lie.

Everyone lies, the world

Is made up of lies.


The sky is not blue, it’s clear


We blow on our food to cool it, but we

Blow on our hands for warmth


The only magic is the notion of

Love, which is nothing more than

A conjured soul of torment. 


I am a reincarnated soul of dust

My body is a lie, just like



We live, eat, and die.




We live, eat, and die




We live

We eat

We die.


Love is a façade

Created by people with time

Time that was slipping through their fingers.


We can praise and curse with the same mouth

And its easier to

Destroy then to build.


The world is a bad joke

With no punch line,


And our universe is a sea of

Suns and stone.


Infinite like our souls.


What must it be like

To have an old soul- to know

The mysteries and hold the

Keys to the only Truth.


Truth is a lie as well,

For my truth may be a lie

To you. An illusion to what




Life is an infinite spinning top;

Teetering this way and that but

Always spinning.


We can eat our words

But people still starve


The Homeless live next to

The Rich, but are ghosts to them


The grass grows greener on the other side

But what if life is a square, then

Which side do you choose?


Without sadness you cannot Know happiness

But is that a price you are

Willing to pay?




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