Children of Muracis

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On the Planet Muracis, in the gnome territory of the western continent of Bronzwyn, the children of the various mythological creatures play together in the countryside. They get to witness the various mythological creatures and they play, swim, climb, fight and have various adventures. Join the little gnome boy named Karuna as his friends carry him through the forest.

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



Just after I had my breakfast  I walked across the living room towards the wooden steps that surrounded the courtyard of our apartment complex. I was a young gnome boy who lived in the rural city of Marbraga, in the Gnome Kingdom of Siezzeiria, in the gnome territory of the western continent of Bronzwin, Planet Muracis. My people grew up to 60 centimetres tall.

I was eight years old at the time. The sun was shining down from the clear blue sky ahead. As I rushed towards the veranda of our small cottage I saw a big elf girl, by the name of Briana Sanark, sitting on a step next to a young vampire girl named Dainaia Aswan. They were both three times taller than me.

Briana was about nine years old with long brown, straight hair that went down to her waist and wore a white dress with a creamy yellow backpack. Dainaia had long blonde wavy hair and wore a white and aqua green striped shirt with a pair of jeans. They both had skinny builds.

I decided that I wanted to ride Briana today as she is a fast runner and a good climber too. So I ran towards her and climbed up the side of her special backpack. She must have felt me jump on her backpack as she turned her head towards me and smiled. Briana was in bare feet while Dainaia wore sky blue sand shoes. I climbed down into her backpack, put on my safety belt and wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

"Hello, Kuranu," said Briana "Come to ride me, have you?"

I looked up at Briana and said "Yes. I want you to carry me". Dainaia smiled at me. I could see her fangs sticking out of her mouth.

"OK. Let's go tell our parents. Then we'll go play".

Briana and Dainaia climbed to their feet. There were vines climbing up the wooden pillars. Briana turned to my parents house and shouted "I'm taking your son for a ride. We'll be back by dinner time".

"OK," replied mum sitting at the dining table next to dad "Bring him back before dark".

We turned to the right. The girls ran across the courtyard towards Briana's white wooden house with aluminium sliding doors. Her mum, Sarah, sat on a couch next to Dainaia's mum, Barau. Sarah was in her thirties while Barau was 200 years old with blonde wavy hair. They were sitting on the couch watching TV.

We rushed up to them. Briana and Dainaia stood beside the couch. Briana said to her mum "we are going to go and play in the hills".

Sarah smiled and said "Hello, Kuranu. So you're riding my daughter today?" I nodded. "OK. Be careful of the griffons. Look after Kuranu".

"We will" chorused Dainaia and Briana.

We ran out of the house, turned left as we ran across the veranda, down the stairs and along the footpath through the lawn towards the hills. I could feel the wind rushing through my hair, the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I spotted a young minotaur boy and a gorgon girl standing at the top of the hill looking out at the horizon.

The girls climbed up the steep side of the hill that had rush bushes growing on it. They climbed very fast as we headed towards the minotaur and gorgon. We finally made it to the top of the hill. The minotaur and the gorgon turned their heads to us. The minotaur said "Hello, girls. Hi, Kuranu".

The minotaur was called Tamiek Ena. He was 10 years old with a yellow vest, red paints and hooves. He had the head of a bull and the body of a boy. The gorgon was Karien Mal. She had a woman's trunk with a snakes body and her hair consisted of short snakes. Karien waved and smiled at us as she said "Hi". We said "hello" back.

"Let's go down through the crater" suggested Tamiek.

We went down into the crater. There were orange flame griffons nesting in the crater. They had the front legs, head and wings of an eagle and the back end of a lion. They were really noisy, sounding like seagulls. We ran through the crater amongst the griffons. Suddenly one of the male griffon bulls lunged at me and Briana. Briana ran towards a bare tree next to a rock, the air rushing through my hair. We hid between the bush and the rock. The griffon bull tried to snap at us with its beak. Briana kicked it away with her bare feet.

Tamiek charged at the griffon with his horns, trying to shuffle it to the side. The griffon snapped its sharp beak at the Tamiek. Karien slid down towards the griffon, her snake hair opened up and snapped at the griffon. Then I saw rocks hitting the griffon from the sky. The griffon hissed defiantly at whoever was throwing rocks at it. Then decided to give up and head back to its nest.

It was then that Briana carried me around the rock and climbed to the top of the ridge where a little boy, named Thomas Hagrin, stood next to a harpy girl, by the name of Florissa Massau, who flapped her wrings as she looked down at the crater. We made it to the top of the ridge. Briana carried me towards Thomas.

"Hi" said Thomas. He was the same age as me with brown curly hair and dark brown eyes.

"Hi" said me and Briana as we waved to him. Karien and Tamiek climbed to the top as Dainaia flew up towards us.

The harpy, Florissa, had the body of a white large bird and head and arms of red headed girl. She was sevens years old. She said "Hello, there. Let's run along the top of the ridge".

We followed her suggestion and ran along the top of the ridge towards the end where the rocks stood. It was windy here. Briana carried me onto the rock, as she climbed to the edge and she stopped as we stared at the white Pegasus flying through the air in front of us. They were gliding, very gracefully, whinnying at each other in the sky.

"Aren't they magnificent, Kuranu" said Briana as she looked back at me.

"They are fabulous" I said.

"I'd say," agreed Thomas "let's climb down to the bottom. See what that cyclops is doing".

Tamiek ran and jumped onto Florissa's back, nearly putting her out of balance. Florissa was in a shock for a while. Karien slithered down the rocks, Dainaia jumped off and dived towards the bottom, while Thomas and Briana jumped down the steep rocks. It was bumpy there for a bit.

Every time Briana jumped off a rock, I felt a bit of inertia in my chest. My heart beating faster. Once we reached the bottom of the rocks, Briana jumped onto the dry tropical grass and carried me into the forest and through the dirt trail. We slid down the dirt trail along with Thomas who followed us. Karien slithered through the trees above us, Dainaia glided among the branches as Florissa carried Tamiek in the air above us. We slid down the side of the hill with Thomas. The air rushing around my head as the trees and bushes whizzed past me in a blue.

Once we had landed in the clearing, Briana climbed to her feet and carried me to the edge of the rock next to Karien and Dainaia.

"Hello, children" bellowed the male cyclops. His name was Chukchuk Bal. He had a messy grey hair with a bald patch on top and overalls and boots. He appeared to be collecting wheat.

"Hi," we chorused, waving to Chukchuk and his daughter, Veidon.

The cyclops were twice as tall as man and had a single eye on their foreheads. Chukchuk had a strong build and Veidon was big too.

Florissa carried  Tamiek to the clearing at the bottom of the hill beside the cyclops.

"How are you today?"

We said "Good".

Briana's hair blew in the wind. I pulled on the reigns on Briana's backpack, guiding her off the rock. Then turned her to the left so that she knelt down and swung her legs down the side of the rock. She then carried me down the side of the rock followed by Thomas. Karien slithered down the other side of the rock while Dainaia glided down towards Florissa who rose above the ground flapping her wings.

Already Tamiek and Veidon started fighting each other with branches that they picked up from the ground. Grunting every time they took a swing at each other. Florissa lunged at Dainaia with a branch, but Dianaia swerve out of the way, dived towards the ground, picked up a branch and then charged at Florissa with the branch. They swung sticks at each other. Dainaia would disappear and reappear on the opposite side and strike Florissa from behind.

Briana carried me to the other side of the clearing, picked up a stick and just as Thomas was about to swing down on me with the stick. He tried to swing at Briana's legs, but she blocked him. Then she tried striking him three times. Thomas blocked each move. Then Thomas tried attacking her left hand side. Briana blocked him too. He then swung at her right. She prevented him from hitting her too, swinging his stick out of the way. Then she hit him on the left side.

"You're good" said Thomas as Briana carried me to him.

"She is good" I replied.

We and Thomas continued swinging the sticks at each other for a while, Thomas driving me and Briana towards the creek until she pushed  his stick to the ground. Karien attacked Veidon from behind as she held Tamiek on the ground. Veidon grabbed Karien's wrist. Dianaia kept swinging her stick at Florissa until she had her backed up against the rock.

"Yield?" I said as Briana stepped up to Thomas, looking him straight in the eye.

"You win" replied Thomas. What I like about elves is that they are good warriors as well as good transport.

"All right" I said, pumping my fist into the air as Karien slithered towards us. I smiled. Then I whispered "Let's play tag" in Briana's left ear. Briana nodded. "Tag him now".

"Tag, your it" said Briana touching Thomas on the shoulder.

Then she ran into the forest, the wind rushing through my hair as the trees whizzed past us. I heard Thomas's footsteps behind us as Karien slithered past us towards our left.

"Savain" I cried as I spotted a little brownie boy riding past us on an eagle he named Braunla. Savain was about the same age as me with messy brown hair and a skinny build.

We had overtook Karien. Briana jumped over a log and came to a complete halt as we was a clearing full of unicorns grazing on the grass. Karien caught up with us along with Thomas and Savain who landed on a branch.

"Better be careful, children" said a forest dwarf called Kerahn Mandui. He was in his mid 40's with wild brown hair and beard and strongly built. He was feeding one of the unicorns with grass and had his daughter, Mendelin, with him.

The dwarfs  grew up to one metre tall. Mendelin was 7 years old with long wavy, blond hair.

"These unicorns have sharp horns," said Kerahn. "My cousin was stabbed by one them, the other day".

"Ouch" said Briana.

"We had to rush him to hospital. It tore a hole in his bowel and he had to get a bowel transplant".

Mendelin walked up to us. The grass went above her head, which was up to Briana's shoulders. One of the unicorns walked up us. Briana stroked the unicorn's nose. Its single horn on was on his forehead. Thomas stroked the unicorn's forehead.

"So pointy, isn't it?" He said.

"Yes" I replied.

Dainaia landed on the ground to our left and plopped Tamiek on the ground. She had placed her shoes beneath her backpack. She had clearly been carrying him and they stroked one of the unicorns.

"Such lovely creatures" said Briana.

"Let's go climb a tree" said Thomas.

"OK" I replied as I pulled on Briana's reigns, guiding her to the right.

Briana and the other children ran through the mighty forest towards a big walnut tree next to the Chimnak River. Briana carried me up the tree, grabbing the branches and pulling us up. Then she carried me through the branches to the top of the tree.

"Hi," said Briana "Fancy seeing you here".

Florissa perched on the branch. She turned her head towards us and said "Hello," as she smiled.

Thomas climbed up next to us, followed by Karien who slithered up the tree and Dainaia who jumped up on to the tree from the ground. Briana and I sat on the branch. A young fairy girl called Flarol Mar was sitting on the branch next to Florissa. Flarol was a year younger than me and was 12 millimetres tall. Savain landed on the branch on his eagle and looked up at the sky.

Florissa climbed through the branch towards us, looked at me over Briana's shoulder and asked "Kuranu, would you like to climb onto my back?"

Florissa gave me a smile. I noticed that she was wearing a backpack.

"Yes," I said as I undid the seatbelt on Briana's backpack "I would like to climb on your back".

Florissa leaned closer towards us so that her back was close to Briana's shoulder. I climbed out of Briana's backpack, stepped over Briana's right shoulder onto Florissa's shoulder and lowered myself down into Florissa's backpack. I did up the safety belt, taking care to tighten myself up. Florissa and Briana smiled at me. I placed my arms around Florissa's neck. Florissa smiled at me, then turned her head towards Briana.

"I'll be taking Kuranu for a flight" said Florissa smiling at Briana. Dainaia placed her arm around Briana's shoulder. "Along the main river".

"OK" said Briana, smiling back at us. A golden phoenix flew over our head, flapping its wings. It's body was made of fire. "Beautiful". We watched the phoenix fly away for a bit. Then Briana looked at us and said "We'll you later then".


Florissa turned around, crawled through the branches grabbing them with her feet, spread her wings wide open and we took off into the air, the wind rushing past us. Flarol came with us as we flew to our left. Florissa carried me along the murky brown river, flapping her rings occasionally. Dainaia jumped from branch to branch. Florissa lowered us towards the surface of the river so that we flew just a metre above the surface. She flew fast, banked this way and that. Occasionally Florissa dipped her feet in the water as she flew above the surface.

We flew over the rapids, rippling over the rocks and down into the pool below us. Florissa carried me higher into the air. I cried out "Yahoo" as Florissa banked left and right. At one point I noticed a manticore running through the branches at a rapid pass. In fact a group of manticores. The manticores were like lions with orange wings and a tail like a scorpions. I heard that their tails contained venom.

We finally came towards some pools with rapids flowing over the rocks. I noticed that a group of teenage bullies, along the shore of the river, approach a young werewolf boy named Venru Gambu. He had already turned himself into his werewolf form, howling at them as his hair stood on end. Venru would have been 10 at the time.

I knew the teenagers from high school. They were bad kids. Their leader was a 13 year old vampire boy named Vienman Kurf. We, Dainaia and Floral landed on the rock above them. Another werewolf boy, Jaru Magya, approached them from the left in werewolf form. And the human boy, James Darlinga, approached from the right with a little brownie named Vanra Dash sitting on his right shoulder with a sword in hand. Venra growled defiantly at them.

"They're going to beat him up," I said "We must do something".

"You two stay here," said Dianaia "Keep out of harms way".

"No. We're coming with you. I'm not letting you fight them on your own".

Florissa took me into the air and shouted "Leave them along!" As we swooped down towards Vanra and James who looked up us. James turned and ran along the gravel into the forest. Florissa spread his legs out, squawking at the boy as we chased him into the forest. He came across the teenage banjo girl who opened her mouth and gave a deafening scream. Causing the boy to cover his ears, the brownie grabbing hold of him for dear life as he felt himself slipping off her shoulder. We turned back towards shore.

The two werewolves fought ferociously against each other as the vampire boy, threw Dainaia across towards the rock. Dainaia disappeared and reappeared behind Vienman, kicking him in the guts and hitting him with his fists. Tamiek ran towards Vienman at top speed, bending his head down, aiming his horns towards him as Vienman flung Dianaia onto the ground. Tamiek bowed Vienman over, tossing him into the air with his horns. Vienman's eyes were wide open. As Vienman fell towards the ground, Tamiek gored him and flung him onto the ground. Vienman got up to his feet and raced into the forest at superhuman speed.

Florissa carried me down towards the Dainaia as she slowly got up on her feet. Venru and the werewolf, Jara, wrestled each other and biting one another.

"Are you all right?" said Florissa. Dainaia's wound healed instantly. "You took a nasty fall".

"Back's a bit saw" replied Dainaia "But I'm OK".

Briana ran towards her with open arms, so happy to see Dainaia was al rlight. Thomas ran towards Venru to help out. Karien slithered towards Jaru who had pinned Venru to the ground. Her snake hairs became active and she screamed as she bared her fangs. Jaru looked up and ran off into the woods as her eyes lit up. He turned into stone so he did not look away in time.

"Oh no" said Karien as Venru turned himself into his human form "I didn't mean to turn him to stone. I'm sorry".

"That's ok" I said as Florissa carried me towards her "I'm sure your parents will understand. After all, you were defending yourself". I turned to Venru and asked "What was that about?"

"They claimed that tunnel as their own" he replied gesturing at the tunnel that led to the mouth of the river.

"What?" said Florissa "It's not their tunnel to claim. It's public property".

Venru turned back into werewolf form and ran towards the tunnel. We and Dainaia followed him into the tunnel. Me and Dainaia landed at the rock pools inside the tunnel which was hot. It was short. there was plenty of light in there. Venru returned to human form and we climbed over the rocks, looking out at Ishkark. The waves rolling in the sea.

"Is that a ripple over there?" said Venru.

Suddenly a mermaid surfaced from the water, entered the tunnel and shouted "Get out of here! A hydra is coming".

Hearing the mermaid's warning, we ducked behind the rocks just as the hydra, seeing us, stuck three of its heads into the  cave, snapping its jaws at us. The hydra was a huge sea monster, about the size of a bus, with seven heads, each head having sharp ferocious teeth. It roared at us.

Being a typical werewolf, Venru growled defiantly at the hydra. His saliva dripping from his jaws as his eyes glowed yellow.

I instinctively hung on tightly to Florissa's neck, burying my head in her white fevers in the back of her neck. I was shaking.

"Venru! Step back" warned Tamiek "That thing will eat you whole in one bite".

Venru complied and turned away from the hydra as Tamiek and Thomas threw rocks at the massive hydra, hitting it in the faces. The hydra roared defiantly at them, but eventually got discouraged and headed back to the sea, making a big splash that flooded the tunnel. The mermaid, whose name was Seilimba Braui, came out from behind the rock and swam into the middle of the pool. She was about 12 years old with blonde curly hair.

"That was close" said Seilimba "luckily the hydra didn't get us, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I'd say" said Dainaia standing up. Florissa took me out from behind the rocks and carried me over to the rock pools towards Seilimba.

"I saw the hydra taking some hippocampus" said Florissa looking out at the bay. She then looked at Seilimba who leaned her head and arms on the rock beside the rock pool.

Florissa perched beside the pool and folded her rings back. Then Seilimba smiled at me and said "Hello, Kuranu. Would you like to climb on my back". She was wearing a backpack.

"OK" I said as I unstrapped the safety belt and climbed out of Florissa's backpack and jumped down from her shoulder.

Florissa helped me down. I took off my shoes and shirt and handed it over to Dainaia to look after. Seilimba orientated her self so that her back was close to the edge of the pool. I looked down. It was very deep down there. I placed my hand on Seilimba's head as I climbed down into her blue backpack, did up the safety belt and placed my arms around her neck.

The rest of my friends dived into the pool after getting into their togs, apart from Florissa and Floral who stayed behind and looked after our clothes. Taniek and Venru continued walking along the rock pools, looking down at the rocks. Then they jumped into the water.

Seilimba turned to me and smiled, asking "Shall we head out into the bay?"

"Yeah" I said. I liked Seilimba because she was a fast swimmer.

"OK, then".

Seilimba turned around and deliberately splashed the other children as she carried me out of the tunnel into the Bay of Ishkark, her arms out in front. The water splashed over her shoulders into my face. Mermaids can breathe through the lungs and by gills.

Taniek jumped into the water and swam towards us as the others kept up with us. Florissa and Flarol flew over our head out into the bay. I saw Florissa flapping her wings.

"Now put on the respirator," said Seilimba "I'm going to dive".

I complied by putting on the respirator which was attached to the oxygen tanks below the backpack. Then Seilimba dived beneath the sea and carried me to the ocean floor where I spotted the hippocampus's feeding on the seaweed. The hippocampus's had the head and front legs of a horse with the flippers at the end of its legs and the tail of a large fish.

"Isn't it great" said Seilimba.

I had seen hippocampus's floating in the sea before. She carried me around a rock with choral on it, where I spotted a kraken, sort of like a giant octopus with a sharp beak and yellow eyes, feeding greedily on a large fish. Then I spotted a giant Ishkark sea serpent swimming above my head. It had a long neck and flippers that manoeuvred it in the ocean. It had a sharp beak at the end of its nose. It was chasing a school of fish.

Seilimba looked back at me and said "Had enough?" I nodded. Seilimba took me back up to the surface of the sea. She inhaled as soon as we reached the surface.

I spotted Taniek splashing Briana and Karien, while Thomas splashed Dainaia. Savain flew over the surface of the sea on his eagle. Seilimba squealed as her dad tickled her beneath the armpits and on her stomach.

"Stop it," she said giggling "I have a passenger".

"Seilimba" shouted Dainaia "Bring him over here. I'll carry him".

"OK" she replied.

Seilimba carried me towards Dainaia who floated on the surface of the water, waving her arms across. Venru tried to sneak up to Karien who turned around, her snake hairs hissed at him. Venru pull back. The water went over Seilimba's water.

As soon as we got to Dianaia, I unclipped the safety belt, climbed out of Seilimba's backpack, stepped onto Dainaia's shoulders while I placed my hand on her head and climbed down into her backpack. I then put on the safety belt. Then I placed my arms around Dainaia's neck.

Dainaia turned her head to me and asked "Shall we head back to shore? Have you had enough swimming for today".

"Yes," I replied "We should take a walk along the beach".

Dainaia lifted me out of the water, dipping her feet in the water as she floated above the surface, smiling down at Seilimba. I waved goodbye to Seilimba. Then Dainaia turned to our other friends as she stepped on the water.

"I'm taking Kuranu back to shore," she shouted "We'll be on the beach".

Dainaia then carried me across the sea towards the rock pools and the tunnel where her mum was standing. Her feet slapping in the water with a splashing sound. Once we had reached the shore, Dainaia climbed to the top of the rocks and lifted us over the top before climbing to her feet. Barau held out a towel for Dainaia who quickly grabbed it.

Sarah stood next to her watching out at the ocean in bare feet. Barau grabbed a towel for me, unbuckled me and lifted me out of Dainaia's backpack and placed me on the rock next to her. I quickly dried myself off, took off my togs and changed into my clothes. Dainaia changed into her clothes as her mum dried the backpack. Then she put on another backpack and positioned her back next to me. I climbed up onto her backpack, lowered myself into it before bucking myself in. I then placed my arms around her neck.

"Are you all set, you two?" asked Barau.

"Yes, we're set" I said as I grabbed the reigns on Dainaia's backpack and guided her to her mum.

"Want me to carry your shoes for you".

Dainaia nodded. We followed her mum along the rocks and over the steep ridge. Barau and Dainaia floated down onto the sand at the foot of the rocks. Then they took me along the sandy beach as the waves crashed against the beach with a roaring sound. The children of various creatures played in the sea and I spotted Seilimba swimming along the beach with her family.

"It's a nice day," said Barau looking out at the horizon. "Look at the sunset on the horizon. Isn't it beautiful?"

"Yeah" replied Dainaia.

"It's amazing". The clouds looked bright orange over the setting sun.

"Race you to the other end" said Barau.

"You're on" I replied.

Dainaia and her mum sprinted towards the other end of the beach. The wind flowing over my head, the adrenaline pumping through my veins. Me and Dianaia beat her to the other end.

"We win" shouted Dainaia, jumping up and down and pumping her fists in her air.

I pumped my right fist in the air and went "Yahoo. Good girl, Dianaia".

Barau finally caught up with us. A sphinx, which had a lions boy with orange wings and the head of a woman, laid on the sand dunes looking out at the bay. She turned her head to us and said "Nice day".

"Yeah," replied Barau "We better be heading back though". She crossed her right leg over her left. "It's getting dark".

"I understand. See you back at the village". The sphinx waved her paw at us.

Barau turned her head to us and said "Let's go".

A cerberus, which was a large black three headed dog, ran towards the sea and played in the water. Barau offered her hand and Dainaia grabbed it. We lifted up into the air, Dainaia and her mum hovering above the sand. We rose up until we were above the trees. It was a long way down from here. Then me and Dainaia waved to our friends on the beach.

"Meet you at the village" she shouted.

We took off across the forest at a fast speed, the trees whizzing below us in a blur.

© Copyright 2018 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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