The White Wolf

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Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



(The White Wolf)



Slowly I’m going mad is this because I stepped through the arch way with the shacks or have I just gone insane coz I’m still stuck in the woods with no one near me and all I can see around me are tall trees and long grass that come up to my waist. Am I going to be left here on my own or am I going to see matt again as we are close and he can lead me out of this horrible place. It was starting to get dark and the sky was clear.


I started to panic because I was in the woods on my own and there was no one to hear me cry. I tried to stay strong but could not because I was all on my own and no one was around to help me. I was lucky I had a bottle of water and a bar of chocolate and there was the arch way that I step through to take shelter. I had no blanket to keep me warm. Time was getting on and I started to slowly close my eyes. There was still know sign of matt. I decided to shut my eyes for half an hour. I was woken by a loud howl. I sat up and looked around the trees and saw some red eyes glaring at me in the distance. I sat still and tried not to move this gave me a chill down the back of my spine. I tried not to move and scare it away it was a white fluffy wolf that look like it had cuts under its belly. The wolf slowly starts to walk to me.


I look in it eyes and said to myself I know them eyes. Could they be matt or was I just hallucinating? The white wolf again and it was by my side it slowly started to lay down on the ground. I laid its white fluffy head on my lap it was to warm me up as I was cold. I laid my head on its back and made myself comfy. I close my eyes slowly and drifted off. I slowly opened my eye and the wolf was still keeping me worm. As I move the wolf got up and ran away. I stood up and stretched my legs and went for a little stroll in the wood area. Saw a shiny thing in the comer of my eye I went to check it out I was a rusted gate with a new chain round I thought it was strange that the rusty gate had a new chain round it.


I still carried on I was heading towards a ditch when the white wolf ran in front of me and had a loud howl. I knew he/she want to stop I could not tell what gender of the wolf was because of all the cuts under it belly. I stopped at the right time if I took one more step I would be in the ditch. One bad thing is I dint know how to swim and I don’t think the wolf would jump in after me. the wolf turns back ground and started heading back to where I slept last night I follow behind slowly I was still trying to see if I can find a way out of here.


I did not want to be here on my own any more I was hungry and thirsty. As I was trying to find a way out me and the wolf slowly got back the arch way. I was think on the way back what if the arch was the way out it seems to be the only explanation. So I start to think what would happen if I tried stepping back through the arch way. I sat back down and yelled. NO!!!!!!!!!! I’m stuck here there is no way out of this woodlands. I yelled at the white wolf. He/she laid back next to me. I said to the wolf with it head back on my lap at least I got you to keep me company in this cold dark creepy place...................


Two mouths went past and i was still with my friend the wolf as normal He/she goes off in the morning and left me by myself i started to look around the woodland as there was still some light left for me to see time goes faster and faster the longer i stay in this place. it’s not what i expected to happen but what can i say there's nothing i can do about it right now. i know my mum and dad are worried sick about me being gone for this long i could be at home in a nice worm bed with my friends and family on out in the woodland with a wild animal. i had hardly any food left to eat i had an instant souse of water the was a waterfall 100 yards north of were i am. it was dark and white wolf has not come back to see me it the first time He/she had done this is not a big deal i will wait a bit long and then will slowly lay down and try and get some sleep and hope He/she will be next to me when i wake you in a couple of hours. i started drift off to sleep and felt something nice and soft laying net to me He/she had returned i felt safe with the wolf next to me because I know I’m not alone in the wet damp place of course its winter time with means the ground is cold and wet.


Any rain drops tuned in to ice as the temperature dropped over night i had my friend to keep me worm so i did not need to worry at the moment but one day He/she will no longer be next to me and i hope when that day come I’m out of this place. i know i still have a long time with you or do i never know because I’m stuck here after all they would not call it the woodland if i was going to get out of here.


but then i think i saw a way out of here but it was small and i wanted to Bring the white wolf with me because we had built a friendship over time and i would miss He/She. but as i ran to were the way out was it start to fade slowly. form the speed it was fading i new i had about 20 mines to get to or it will be back to normal me stuck here so i ran as fast as i can but as i got close to the portal i trip on a log and hit the ground first. i mush had blacked out for a few seconds because the portal was smaller than last time i saw it but i was still there i got back up from the cold wet ground and made a big leap throw the portal and white wolf was with me. it took me to a different part of the woodland that i did not see when I first entered the woods and for the first couple of days in the last area I was I was the for at least three days be for I met the white wolf now we are both in a different part of the woof that we did not know was as I said I was better than where we were because the is no rant and the sun is all ways shining above the long tall green trees. As me and the white wolf was trying to get use to the new area where we were but I was a little larger than the last wood place but not too big. I started to walk round to see if there was a way out of this wooded area I may have found a way I not sure yet I need to look in to it a little more the whit wolf was having a good time chasing rabbits around I like to see the he/she was having a good time. as I got deeper and deeper in the wood I come across this sharp rusty door I tried to open it but it was jammed. I was curious to see what was behind it could this be what I’m looking for a way out……………………………………….  

2 years have gone and I’m still in the wood with white wolf at this point I had given up on trying to find a way out of here every were I went it took me to the same play as I was before so don’t see you I shod keep trying or though I have got use to the woods and see white wolf chasing rabbits and its summer so it’s nice and green and warm and there are lots of birds sing in the trees.  

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