the pilgrim

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it's a long road. The journeys long and soon it will come to an end.

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



On this path now you come to tread. Will you go on till the very end and make amends? So long ago you begun only be left high strung. What sets you apart from all when everything seemed to small?

It's not the start, but the resolution. What will it take, but endless sacrifice. Your one of a kind. Unlike any yet to be seen. Step by step for a day in eternity.

It's hard to tell what length you would go. Given all that you have shown. Be not of any variation. Stay tuned on line to the keystone. Seamless to say in that one special way.

This was not how you should have been. The lies told and experiences seem. Borne from sentiment and all desire. All cast from heart into fire. Once all the rage now ceased as we atlast turn the page.

From beginnings to inevitable ends. Dependable options, stretching to unwillingly choices. Being together once and for all. Be swift and tall to make way for they who would follow.

Onward to where hearts would lead. From this day and until the final destination is reached. From dawn till dusk. Ready at moment's a notice to heed the call.

It's not so lonely upon the path. It's long and at times a pain. But from every test and trial, a victory shall arise. Let the stones be the resting place. For one day,this pilgrim will go home. Across the the gentle northern winds Carried to the far planes of evermore.

"I know not why the wind blows nor where its goes. I care not for what it carries or why it tarries. just that it does for what it knows. That there is always more that it showed, that once was lost by that it bestowed. Never apart to see what it had wrought, but forevermore adrift by that of thought. Be now in peace, that you remain when all has ceased.”

-Evermore The Ambiguous Writer

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