Meet Mr Jones

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Mr Prim-and Proper Bank Manager changes personality for the weekend.

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



Meet Mr Jones


Come on, let’s meet Mr Jones,

All dressed up in suit and tie

He’s the picture of respectability

And now I’ll tell you why.


He runs that oh so swanky bank

That’s opened in your town,

He always looks so serious

But never wears a frown.


He’s perfected just how he should act,

Mr Jones knows how to charm,

But he always sticks right to the rules

He controls things from his palm.


But once the weekend comes around,

On the Friday night,

If you ran right in to Mr Jones

Recognise him not you might.


He’s dressed in down-town fashion,

His hair is slicked right back,

He’s going out there clubbing

Now he’s got his real self back.


He’s on the floor, he’s dancing,

Giving it all he’s got

And from the looks he’s getting

He must have quite a lot.


The girls, they all are queuing

To get a chance to dance;

Mr Jones is Mr Popular

As he puts them in a trance.


Saturday he gets up late,

It’s his day for sport,

His mates come round to watch the match,

They are rowdy in support.


Sunday morning’s fishing,

Just waiting for a bite;

With fishing rod and waders

He’ll relax in pure delight.


Sunday evening with his parents,

With his Mom and with his Dad,

He’ll chat about the weekend

And all the fun he’s had.


But Monday morning here he is,

Suited, straight of face;

The mask of Mr Banker

Is firmly back in place.


If you met him at the weekend

He will not want to know

There’s Mr Jones relaxing

And there’s Mr Jones on show.

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