Difference between ourselves

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Everyone has a different shape and size, so why are we ridiculed for something we are unable to change? Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



We are taught At age three That skinny Is seen as pretty

We watch models walk runways With mini sized waists We see boys fall for tiny tummies And watch girls shop for extra small clothing

We see new moms trying to loose natural fat And girls who don't eat We watch fat girls worlds fall apart

I'm not saying that skinny is bad Sometimes it just isn't who we are We have hip bones With big butts Boobs (laugh if you want but its true) We were never made to be stick thin I don't want t look like you

I'm my own girl Short and sturdy I could challenge what you lift At any time of day I weigh 225 laugh if you may

Yes I am fat And I'm proud of that Because I'm built like a girl Bodys aren't just a size or number Your body is a temple Treat it that way Because if I love myself I believe in loving yourself too

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