Not in the Dark

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Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



  I've always been told since I was little to never go outside in the dark.

 Mother braided my hair by the crackling fire. My nightgown was fairly soaked from my wet hair. Her clever fingers parted my hair and Harry, the old sheep dog, lay by the fire. The coruscating moon cast down upon us, sneaking through the cracks in the closed blinds.

"Mother, I left my doll outside. Can I go get it? I promise I'll be back quickly."

That's when she looked at me with unyielding eyes, "no. Not in the dark."

I wondered what she meant, but not dare ask with the way her eyes spoke for her. I watched as Harry's stomach slowly rised and fell. The rest of the night, I wondered why my mother told me to never go outside in the dark.

Curiosity took over me and I planned to go outside to see for myself. It is true, curiosity killed the cat. However, I did not no what I would be getting myself into.


The next morning, I cooked up a hearty meal for mother, father and I. Father walked out groggily, already dressed in uniform. 

"You're up early." He noted.

"Breakfeast is ready and I fed Harry." I explained.

His camoflauge uniform stood out from the rest of the house. He was a soldier in the military and wore his uniform with pride. I've never seen a man with such pride and certainity as my father. He had the look where you knew he could be trusted and protected. I set the table and we began eating breakfeast. 

"I have a question," I looked his way and he answered with a nod, "last night, mother told me not to go outside in the dark. But why not?"

His eyes mirrored mother's. "We'll tell you when you're older."

I was tempted to whine in protest, but kept silent. Curiosity consumed me and I needed to know.


At night, I started planning my rebelious act. A single candle was lit in front of me and I watched as wax dripped down. My arburn hair hung past my shoulders and I tucked it behind my ear. My dull eyes glowed in the candle light as I watched myself in the mirror. Was I really going to do this, and blow off my parent's sincere warnings?

There was no time to weigh my options that dropped heavily on my shoulders as I hauled on my worn down Sketchers and my winter coat. This is your last chance, I reminded myself. I placed my pale hand on the door knob and turned it slowly, trying not to cause any noise. 

I've never been outside in the night. Everything seemed different. The usual life of insects and wild heirs was gone. Instead replaced by eerie silence and the occasional hoot of an owl. We lived in what you would call the middle of nowhere. We were sourrounded by trees. But if you drove far enough south, a decent city was located there. 

I stood there as if my feet were heavy ice cubes incapable of moving. Then I saw it. Hundreds of piercing red eyes stabbed me through the night sky. I am held to the porch, hand still on the door knob. Deep growls errupt around me and I try to move and run back into the comforting air of my home. At that moment, the eyes lurch forward and a broad creature pounces from the tree line. So close that if I reached out, it's snout would be at my fingers.

Wolf pack. They start to howl and my senses start to function and I throw the door open. Just as I do so, the first wolf pounces and it's aciculate teeth pierce into my skin and blood oozes out. 

"Help!" I scream and thrash trying to free my arm.

Quick and heavy footsteps burst my way. I scream and thrash some more. Father and mother push off the beast. Harry bites the beast's leg causing it to be thrown off balance. My father pushes the wolf off harshly and we stumble inside. Well, except for father.


The pain is still unbearable from the loss of my father as I recall the time he saved me from the wolves. Ever since that day, guilt has over taken me and I learnt my lesson.

Not in the dark.

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