Whale of a Tale

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An epic poem

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



I feel it is time to tell of the tales

When once minnows were turned into whales

It started with an ambygouis guy

Who was alledgedly charged as a spy

This man was William Wadsdorth White

And I tell you he did it out of spite

He was senteced to hang

On the premise of using espionage slang

But this was not the reason at all

Some say, that they would make this man fall

Health and wealth, it is said that he had

While all others conditions were bad

Now, would not that explain it 

Or perhaps they would feign it

Saying since they were needy

It was for Will's life they were deeply greedy

But before his life they would claim

Will would assure their fates would be the same

Thus he thought of revenge and how to go by it

He knew minnows were their strict diet

So he whipped up a potion

Which resembled a lotion

He then fed it to the small fish

Which they recognized as a delighted dish

When the greedy fisherman caught them

They found a big problem

The minnows did grow because of this lotion

When air reacted to the potion

Now, they could keep these giant minnows

From the cubbards they smashed though the windows

Soon hunger became famen

Therefore, the people starteed to eat salmon

How thiis changed them still makes me groan

Their bodies woud boil and wither and then turn to stone

Leaving their hair dry as a bone

No one was left to hang William White

For he had won the fight.






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