The Love of My Life

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a look into my life.

Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Submitted: September 20, 2016



In the summer of June was the day we first met; I was astonished.

Your beauty was suffocating; I was too timid to look, too shy to say hello.

But one day I approached; our friendship was that of four years.

Tragedy struck; I was forced to move and we were separated.

Yet rejoiced once again, in the summer of June.

it all seemed too good to be true; this beautiful boy was you.

You were mine and i was yours; The promises of marriage, and the connections of pregnancy.

The plans of the future.

The care, the time, and the effort; The trust, the love and the affection, it was all real.

I would do it all for you.

Telling you things you already know, asking you where you want us to go.

The camping, the laughs, the smiles, the unfathomable happiness, the numbing love, you. where did it all go? 

I keep telling myself it isn't so; that I do not love you and that I do not care.

Yet, perhaps I do. I have done the best to keep you out of my mind, I have convinced myself that I was happy; but that was when it hit me.

The deep, aching, mourning, sorrow that I feel.

My breath is snatched; everything feels heavy.

I feel as if I cannot see, as if my love has gone missing; my heart.

I catch my breath and realize, you took it with you when you left and I cannot manage to get it back nor have you returned it to me.

The days go by; weeks, now months.

You are never on my mind, but I feel the pain.

And there it is again.

 I feel as if I am alone in a dark room; abandoned.

I am left wondering why, how, when, and for what.

I cannot help but think it was me, or maybe it wasn't.

I presume I will always be wondering.

My love will be waiting for you in the summers of June, to the cold lakes of winter, said not be too soon.

We lost our oh dearest, hath you come to stay.

My love is endearing, perhaps 'tis too late to say, 'enchante'.

Our laughs and our cries through the hardship and divine.

I miss you when I cannot sleep.

Our secrets and lies, revealed within an honest light.

I miss you when I cannot eat.

I love to tell tales of our intangible love, to the elders of integrity, and to aspiring adults.

 Opinions from friends, and advice from family.

They regard us the most, it appears uncanny.

I will never forget the feeling of our intangible love, for it is untouchable and a gift from above.

Love isn't measured by time, events, or words. It's the feelings that you have that are always left unheard.

Love isn't chosen, thought of, boastful, resentful, or willing. I don't know why, but I presume that I have, 'caught feelings'.

The fact that you are male is preposterous, I graciously call you beautiful, regardless.

Your smile is mesmerizing and your eyes are astounding; I don't know why but your presence has always got my heart pounding.

I say I do not know why I love you, but the truth is I do; The thing I love most is the beauty in you.

I love all of your imperfections, despite your judgment and interjections.

Past sadness and madness, I love you even though I can no longer have it.

I knew something was wrong; I could see it all along.

That one day you'd leave me, and soon enough, you'd be gone.

But before you go, I had hoped to say, 'so long'.

When you've left for good, I'll love you more; If you ever turn my way, it will always be an open door.

If I can't express my love for you. I suppose I'll say no more.

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