Journey of my life

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Hi All,
This is the journey of my life.

Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Submitted: September 20, 2016



My name is Saurabh. I was born and brought up in an esteemed middle class family. There were seven members in my family-my grandfather, grandmother, my father ,my mom, my brother and two cousins besides me. My family has been in politics for long. My grandfather was a freedom fighter and used to attend  march with Gandhi ji and lately companioned Atal Bihari Vajpai too. Early in 90s, my grandfather became an S.S board member of BJP of Haryana state and was bestowed upon with an Ambassador car  with red beacon.

Lot of commoners used to visit my grandfather’s place during by childhood and used to seek his blessings and connections to get the jobs; this would engage my mother with kitchen work virtually for entire day on many occasions. During that time, my grandfather’s signature on a letter pad used to be enough to get a government job. My dad had told me that people used to come with bagful of money to get a job; however, nothing could entice my grandfather and he never took a single penny to do the favours. It was quite shocking for the entire community to know that my grandfather abhorred to get dad a government job by using his connections. My dad used to make two ends meet by running a press called “Rustam printers”. 

It is matter of great pride that my grandfather Ramphal Koli was so popular in his days and had/still has lasting impression in people’s mind.Sushma  Swaraj, the External Affairs minister had once visited our place,  about decade and half ago(I had just turned 8) and had said hello to me. Her words still reverberate into my ears. I was mockingly playing with the guns of her bodyguards.

On one fateful day, the sky broke, the calamities erupted and everyone went silent because unexpected had happened. My grandfather had passed away because of recklessness of doctors who were treating him. He was put on oxygen cylinder without gas in it and was left to smother. There was huge grieving crowd in front of my house and did not vanish until funeral had happened. My dad explained to me the kind of presence his father had on the society (he had used word has instead of had, probably failing to believe the demise of his dad) and I still can strongly recall those memories, sadly though.

Everyone enjoys the unconditional love of his/her mother and I was no exception. My mom was my lifeline and as the saying goes..what is allotted can’t be blotted and probably nature had something else in store for me and did not want to see me happy. Three years after the death of my grandfather, my mother too passed away in an accident and I was left devastated …I was trying to wake my mother up but  she had refused to oblige because she had already been called by Almighty.

Down to five members in the family, I was destined to struggle. My dad did the second marriage leaving aside my sentiments (I never wanted him to remarry)and I became the scolding target of my stepmother. She had heaps of complaints to make and dad did not fail to start hating me in the process.  My two nephews , my grandma, and  brother  were all unhappy with this new entrant in the family. I also refrained from calling her my mother since I abhorred her.

My dad’s pre-existing business had stopped running well post my grandfather’s demise and this persuaded my dad to contest an election (position unknown) and he won that election too, to become an official leader of BJP.This upswing of situation did not improve our financial condition, though. In order to be financially better, my dad opened a gift shop and I also, occasionally, used to attend to the customers coming at the shop. Shop was running extremely well and my dad was happy but this phase did not last for long and sales drastically came down following which, the shop had to be closed and sold. I was in 11th standard when all this metamorphosis was taking place. After selling the shop, my dad ventured into property dealing business. This business had a good take off and dad had started earning well. My dad bought a bike and was planning to buy a new car.

Time passed by and I appeared for class 12fth  board exams, result came and I passed my exams with 64% of marks(a good result for a person who was lurching forward).After having learnt that I had scored well, I came rushing to my house and asked my new mom where was dad? I was informed that he was not in. I picked up phone to inform him that I had passed exams with 64% and asked for some gifts to be given to me. He expressed his happiness and gave his blessings.

As fate would have it, my dad met with an accident fracturing his back bone and was admitted in Maharaja Agrasen hospital in critical condition. He fought with inevitable for three days and eventually retired to death. 

His final word still echo into my ears- He advised to me to do everything with honestly…and I am following the same. My dad in his life time had become very popular similarly his dad. An article around my dad had been published in a newspaper. I was made to look at that article and guess what, I cried incessantly. Someone promised me a government job , someone promised something else but those promises turned out to be unreal. No one even bothered to talk to me, thereafter. I realized how cruel and selfish this world was? I leant a lesson-Do not to expect any favour from any one.

Sooner, I had also realized that only higher secondary will not fetch a good job(remember I did most trivial jobs like one of hawker, fetching me merely Rs 1000, one of direct marketing , fetching me filthy Rs 2000—gone on to washing cars for money), so I decided to complete my graduation and passed my B.A. 
I, now feel very confident and ready to conquer the race of life.

To be continued………………………

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