why is it dark at night

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this is basically a story i wrote in 8th grade for a project, and i kept it cause it was really good ! hope you enjoy !

Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Submitted: September 20, 2016



There once lived a young boy named Crys. He was the youngest brother of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. He was the weakest of the 4 and his only power was wind. Crys felt like his power was weak so he decided it’s time to learn something new. On a sunny day, Zeus was looking down on Earth trying to make sure that everything was nice and peaceful. Then came across Crys who walked up to Zeus nervously.

 “Excuse me Zeus” he asked

 “Yes Crys” Zeus answered back

 “Will you teach me all the elements?” he asked nervously


 “So I can be as strong as you and be able to go to war”

 “If that is what you wish, then you better be ready”

 “Im always ready” he said with dedication in his eyes.

 So as the time past Crys was training with Zeus to learn the element of Lightning. After 6 long months, he finally learned how to control lightning. Zeus then explained that in order to learn the element of Water and Earth he would have to visit Poseidon. Crys understood that it would be a long, difficult journey, but with his determination he gladly accepted. He traveled to the Sea to see where Poseidon was at.

 He jumped into the sea in search for his brother, Poseidon. He swam as fast as he could not stopping no matter what. As he was swimming he came across a giant wave, fearless he tried to stop the wave with the power of wind, but the wave was too strong. He was washed up and sank to the bottom of the ocean. As time passed by Poseidon came looking around his great sea. He came upon the lifeless body of Crys floating in the middle of the ocean. Poseidon picked him up and took him to the nearest island shore .When Crys woke he was on an island with Poseidon and they were staring at each other.

“Oh, You finally awaken.”

“Thanks for saving me big bro”

“Now what is it that you desire?” asked Poseidon

“I would like for you to teach me the elements of Water and Earth” Crys answered standing up tall and firm.


“So I can be as strong as you and Zeus, and be able to go to war”

“Are you sure you want to do this, Crys”

“Yes Sir!”

 So as the time past Crys was training with Poseidon to learn of the elements of Water and Earth. After 8 long months, he finally succeeded in learning the elements. Crys thanked Poseidon for the help, and left to go back to Olympia to tell Zeus that he learned the 2 elements and that all he need was fire.

When he got back he came up to Zeus.

“Was it successful?” Zeus questioned

“Yes” Crys replied


“Where can I find the element “fire”?”

Zeus look at Crys with a serious face and told to never ask that question again. Crys was confused cause he had no idea that Hades was in the Underworld. He got curious and went to go talk to Poseidon. Poseidon told him the same thing, not to ask him that again. So he never did, after 2 years Crys mastered all the elements and decided to put them in two blades, so went to Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. After waiting around 3 weeks the swords were finished. Both of them were as white as the clouds in the sky. He thanked Hephaestus and went to his room. He then took the powers from his body into the blades. The right one for Lightening and Wind, and the left one for Water and Earth. He was then known as “The Dual-Wield God”. He was still curious about where to find the person holding the element of fire.

 He walked up to Hestia, the goddess of Hearth and Home. He asked her where he can find the element of fire.

She answered “The Element of Fire is found in the Underworld along with your brother, Hades“

“Thank You Hestia”

Therefore, he traveled to the Underground to train with Hades. One the way, Zeus was standing at the entrance. Zeus saw him and told him to never come here or else he would be banished from Olympia. Crys understood and went back to Olympia.

Crys wanted to learn the element so badly that he went behind Zeus’s back and went to the Underworld without permission. When he was on his way to going to Hades he was stopped by Hades three headed dog, Cerberus. Crys fought him off using the powers he learned from Zeus and Poseidon.  Hades saw everything an immediately came to see the young boy. Hades congratulated Crys and agreed to train him. So everyday Crys would sneak out of Olympia to go to the Underworld to train with Hades. This went on for a year.

One day Zeus was looking for Crys to give him a white coat to match his blades but when he got to his room, Crys was already gone. Zeus was furious. He knew where Crys had went and he knew what had to be done. Zeus made his way to the Underworld to get him back.

When he got there Crys had just finished his training with Hades and was leaving. Crys was on his way back to Olympia when he came across Zeus. Zeus grabbed Crys by the arm and dragged him back to Olympia.

When they got back, Zeus told Crys to leave Olympia forever. Crys said that before he leaves he wants a chance to fight Zeus head on. Zeus accepted the challenge immediately with any hesitation.

Crys grabbed the white coat that Zeus had made and when he put it on, it turned midnight black and so did his blades. Crys was no longer a God, he was known as a Rouge. When the day came, that Zeus and Crys match was, they were ready .All the God and Goddesses were all in the Arena.

Soon after the fight between Zeus and Crys began. Crys, with his duel swords charged after Zeus with the right one having Wind, and the left one having Water. Crys was swinging his sword quite violently but Zeus was dodging his attacks like nothing. Crys then jumped back putting his swords together using the power lightning and water creating an electric water sword. He then charged again at Zeus but this time leave a cut on Zeus’s arm and side. Zeus got angry and he was surrounding himself with lighting. Crys was doing the same but instead with the power that Hades taught him, fire. The two Gods powers were un-measureable.

“Crys! You Have Mastered Those Elements Well And In Such A Short Matter Of Time, I Am Impressed!” Zeus Acknowledged

“I Thank You, It Was An Honor To Be Taught By You And The Others, I Appreciate It!” Crys Said

“But There’s One Thing You Do Lack In!”


“You Don’t Have Enough Resolve To Finish What You Have Started! That Will Be YOUR Downfall!”


The two clashed at each other with everything they had. But sadly Zeus was too powerful and with one great punch to the face, he blew Crys right off Mount Olympia and landing on Earth.

When Crys woke he was basically untouched because the fire was protecting him. He then vowed to get his revenge on Zeus and Olympia. He roamed the Earth in search for villages to destroy and towns to terror. Where ever he went he’d leave fire burning the villages and towns engulfed in flames. With the flames left smoke and with all the smoke in the air it turned the sky pitch black. That is why it is dark at night, so the world will know the name “Crys, The Dual Wield God”

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