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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Black magic

Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Submitted: September 20, 2016



After the Alpha had spoken quite a crowd had built around us. There was even a fox! A fox for crying out loud. There was another black wolf, he sorta looked like me, I noticed a scar on his shoulder. 'From a fight'.

I noticed a young Kit about my age, looking at Cloud. He was a blackish fox he looked half wolf. No doubt from the other fox. I gave him a look that said "Stay away from her" He just looked at the ground and walked away.
"Now pup, what is your name." "His name is Night" My sister piped in before I could say a thing. "Well let's see what you do in a fight." The alpha said clearly enjoying himself as a greyish pup with golden eyes came into view. He was growling "My name is Gaige" He said still growling "uh mine is Night" I replied. Nervous, but nonetheless I growled at him. The crowd of wolves barked Gaige on but there was one voice that was unmistakably my sisters, she howled at the the top of her lungs 'cheering' me on. 
Gaige went low trying to bite my leg.  I made an illusion to make him think that I was there. I fazed out and moved to the other side of the ring. The whole crowd gasped as the Alpha stopped the fight. Every wolf was awestruck. It was a trick from a very long time ago. I tilted my head "We haven't had a Psionic wolf in centuries!"

Cloud's POV
"Am I special?" I Asked innocently, my head tilted in anger. Furious, I stripped the bark from a tree nearby . The Alpha made no move, but signaled wolves to step in front of him.


Shadow's POV
Her power is growing strong. The black magic washed over me causing my eyes to glow black. My memory was fading. "Your power is to strong OUT" the Alpha barked at Cloud "if she's going I'm going to" I said in a sharp yet firm bark. Every wolf turned to me with a gasp. "Shadow, please reason, you're our best hunter!" The Alpha did not like my statement at all. I watched the pups eyes grow darker. I padded softly to her, still wolves tried to pull me away saying  it was dangerous. "Pup calm down, if you go I'll come to" I felt the presence of darkness weaken until it wasn't there. She was exhausted. "Now I trust that she will be in cave seven?" I said firmly as they lead her into the cave. No one dared argue.

Alpha's POV 
"She needs to go" my beta wolf was saying " I agree but she could be useful"...

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