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Submitted: March 09, 2018



Cloud’s POV


I awoke in an empty cave on a piles of leaves lined with fur. A few stars were over head. There was an eerie silence around me as I turned my head to the entrance of  the cave. I stood onto all fours, feeling  well rested. My outburst from yesterday had drained most of my energy. Mist wrapped and twisted around the trees covering the ground. I shuddered at the thought of being alone in the dark. "Morning" I heard a male pup behind me it wasn't Night. Turning around I said morning back, but it was kind of awkward. "I'm Gaige pleased to meet you" He remarked warmly "I'm Cloud" I replied still shaken up about yesterday. Who was that other wolf? Does he have a power? Do I have a power? Thoughts ran through my head. Like an elk running from it's predetor.


Gaige took me to a viewing place, where we watched the begin sun rise. That was when my brother ran up to us and growled at Gaige. "Wow, Night I'm only being nice." But it didn't stop him from growling. He glanced at me and saw I was untouched so he stopped and sat down next to me. Soon after all the wolves came out of their caves and the alpha strode out as if today was special.

"Oh tails, I forgot today's the alpha female picking" Gaige said as he ran off. "What does this mean for the pups?" Night asked as if i would have a clue. "Beats me, but I don't wanna find out." I jinxed myself because just then we were swept up into a crowd of rushing wolves although they were mostly female. We ran alongside them as the sun peeked over the trees climbing higher. All the pups were gathered in groups. Boys were paired with girls, it was an unsettling sight for me.

"Moonlight Valley wolves, the time has come to mate, including me." The alpha barked. A line of female wolves sat in front of the alpha as he padded inspecting each one with pure admiration. Like he was a spoiled pup looking at mountains of the finest elk.

I sat next brother at the back of the wolves, "Psst you can't with your brother" "Why not" I growled, sizing the wolf up. I stood, sticking my tail straight up. He whimpered. "That's what I thought" I continued to look through the many legs. It was a long process but finally the Alpha barked he had chosen-- I didn't get to hear because I was swept up and thrown. I covered my eyes with my paws "Not again." I thought I was about fall to the ground with a thud but I felt a dark presence and I was caught. My life flashed before my eyes was this it?...


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