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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Alone

Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018



Emptiness surrounded me with tension in the air. "She's going" I recognised the Alpha's deep voice. I looked at myself I had cuts all over me, they bleed but a few were blocked up by dried blood. Smelling the air I noticed I was at the edge of the territory. I licked my paws and put on an innocent face. "Alpha she's only a pup!" It was that guy from the other day, unless it was a few days ago. "Shadow she's too strong, you of all wolves should know!" His name was Shadow thanks not-so-good Alpha. Shadow growled at the Alpha "A battle eh? You know what made me Alpha right?" My eyes flickered open I stood next to Shadow protectively even though I could do nothing. I skimmed the crowd for Night he was nowhere to be seen. My tail went up and my ears laid back as I growled, the alpha easily knocked me out. Everything was black.

-flash back-

The sun shone on me as I walked down into the den where my brother slept. I hunched down and crept up to my brother. I jumped on him and he yelped taken by surprise. I smirked happily "ughhh sis" He rolled over, throwing me off, and lay back down. "Wanna go and play?" I asked "Of cause, I do" He replied sarcastically "ok.." I walked off my tail low, just like my feelings. The light seemed to dim. As Protective as he was, he didn't pay attention to me.

-end of flashback-


Night's POV

"Night wake up. " "huh?" The Alpha stood over me. I sniffed the air the alpha he'd just been with my sister I expected her to still be here. She wasn't. "Where's my Sister?" I said angrily "oh don't worry about her" the alpha said "She's out on a hunt, yes that's right, now let me give you a tour" he was obviously lying but I had to admit he was quick on his feet. "And I want you to meet Blaze"

We walked out to where the sun rose. A sandy coloured female wolf stood there "Blaze I'd like you to meet Night" "Nice to meet you!" Blaze said as she sniffed my black fur, she smelt familiar, like I knew her. Her expression made me think she shared the same feelings.

The Alpha, and his mate took me around the place, I just tuned out what they said and thought, where was my sister? Why the sudden change?, it seemed every time a 'door opens' it closes right after. Trapped forever in an endless circle of misfortune.


Cloud's POV

I curled up my tail reaching my nose. The fluffy tip seemed somewhat comforting. I checked again over my fur, I had a few specks of sandy peach against the grey although my body had been thrown around like a seal playing with its food. Covered in scratches like the bite marks of a seals teeth. I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I just sat there, thinking all the while wondering what was happening back in the pack...


I was asleep. I was on a stage I had joints of metal. "Is someone there?" Music started. I heard creeping. I heard a rhythm, just a little to fast..


I woke up, Trees rustled above my head In the quiet wind. Standing up I walked on in the dense forest everywhere I looked was the same. Trees. I started picking up the pace as if someone or something was chasing me. Eventually I came to a valley it seemed nice enough, green grass rolled on and on in front of my paws. Wind brushed the lush grass causing my to pounce on each individual piece, to be honest it was fun.


?????? POV

Lone silence, pup. Lone silhouette in the sun... every step you take is a big mistake.. if you keep moving you'll be torn apart..


Clouds POV

I felt a sickening feeling of being watched by a presence but what?... dark grey clouds creeped up in the sky covering it in a dark blanket.. what was to happen?


Night's POV

Finally the tour was over. Stars twinkled in the sky and the moon shone brighter than ever. The world though, seemed to be saddened, far away.... I was confused. I sat up breathing the cool nights air. In. Out. My tail curled around me to manage my body heat. I was alone. Truly alone I didn't know whether my sister would come back, if her power would over power her and take control, or if she could learn to control it... A thought popped into my head, I had only been told about the power from the Alpha. No one else had seen it. Hmm weird. The night dragged on endlessly. Eventually I stood up and climbed the farthest tree I could everything was black. Later I fell asleep on the branch.

Awaking confused at where I was, I jumped down silently to the ground. The trees arched over the edge of my territory I wondered if i should go... "Night!!! There you are " Gaige called. I turned and faced him. He puffed, his tongue hanging out.


So it turned out he actually was wondering if I was awake, we talked on the way back the caves. When we got there everyone was asleep. It was the weirdest thing. The cave entrance arched over the wolves. "W-what happened here?" I asked what was left of my happiness in my eyes disappeared completely as I stared at the seen. Were we the only one's awake?


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