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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Broken

Submitted: March 13, 2018

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Submitted: March 13, 2018



An eerie silence wrapped it's claws around us. "Alpha?" Gaige usually confident voice came out as a tremble. Shards of light poked through the ever darkening sky. A grey-yellow she-pup, about my size, stepped out into a collum of light "Gaige? Didn't you remember? The storm is aproaching" . I felt my fur prickle at her sweet rolling voice. Gaige fell into step beside the stranger as they hurried to the shelter of their den. A bright light broke the grey sky followed by a shattering rumble. I dashed across the leaf littered clearing to my hollow tree. I curled up my heart pounding. The she-wolf's words stuck in my mind like sap to a tree. All thoughts of my sister were lost.


Cloud's POV


Darkness wrapped paws around me, cold from years of no light. A soft milky scent filled my nostills. "Beware, CloudedMoon, you could be over powered. I do not wish to hurt you but all you know will be pushed away" A familiar voice rang in my ears. 

Colours leaked into my vision. Slowly the soaked plains came into view, the rolling grass, surrounded by shadowing trees. "Wait, where am I? Where is my pack?" To many unanswered questions filled my wet head. A bark broke my circling, I turned my head to catch sight of a wolf. She was taller, with a  damp red coat and grey eyes set like jewels in her thin face. You could see each of her ribs, but her muscles told me that she wasn't to be messed with. "CloudedMoon, you were struck by a light sent from Lupus. The power has been handed down to you." She sniffed the air. "You have been in contact with one of the same power. Who?" Just as before my head filled with more questions. "I - I don't know, the only wolves I have been in contact with are my brother, the alpha, Gaige and some other guy called Shadow." I pawed the grass, shredding the soft blades easily. "I will lead you to your pack, however beware the one who does not seem true" Her ears twitched and she turned. 

We passed tempting scents of prey. "Maybe I should-" The wolf in front of me twitched her tail agitatedly. We fell into step as we reached the familiar border of my pack. She stopped. "This is as far as I go" I blinked gratefully and headed past. I was greated by silence. moist air swirled around me, ruffling my damp fur. Doubt crept in. I stepped over the boder and walked slowly to where I had slept. I hoped the falling rain would cover up the sound of my paws hitting the ground and lifting again. I stepped into the hollow tree, A black figure was curled up quietly growling in his sleep. "Who are you?" My voice bounced off the wooden walls. The wolf lifted his head, his icy eyes filled with tears. "Cloud?" "My name is CloudedMoon" He looked at me like I was crazy "But-But" I cut in before he could say another word "Don't talk about butts thats rude" I replied simply "Cloud it's me Night! Your brother" My mind went backwards in time, a vauge memory of another wolf with me but he or she was never there for me.


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