"He's Our Man, Folks!"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This poem is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and Mike Stevens

Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Submitted: September 20, 2016



What the hell? Now we’re under attack, it’s not safe out on the street,

We need someone to watch our backs who they won’t get to defeat.


There’s someone we know who’s not afraid to speak his mind,

And he doesn’t give a damn who thinks the words are real unkind.


He doesn’t have to question things, he knows he’s always right;

If they’re going to attack us he’ll just let rip with a fight.


He knows just what the problem is, who needs some forceful stopping,

He won’t go in all cautious, his ideas he won’t be dropping.


We want someone to protect us from threats, someone who’s gonna act real strong;

As long as he lets us protect ourselves he really can’t be wrong.


The world can keep their mouths shut, leave our politics just to us,

If they don’t like just what we do they’ve no right to make a fuss.


And once he’s been elected those who don’t agree will be ejected

The values that he stands for, by that wall will be protected.


'We the people' is supposed to mean us, but he'll rewrite it to mean 'me'.

Just climb on his back, and he'll make sure we stay free


For he's got a 'secret plan,' we simply must trust him.

Believe him when he spouts, 'you should be afraid, cause our future look dim,


unless you elevate me to be your supreme, superior, leader!

Because of my super intelligence, I'm a terrorist mind reader.'


Just trust him, folks, when he claims to be smarter than the generals.

Believe him, folks, when he says he's as good as the angels.


We need someone who's well-endowed with smarts, among other things.

Because tough talk will solve all of our woes, with the respect that it brings.


He's 'Making America Great Again'--means nothing, but looks good on a hat.

"America, Standing Tall, and Swinging a Big-Ass Baseball Bat!'




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