Chapter 4: Chapter Four

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It wasn't so hard to get off work for a while. There were rumors that my boss had a crush on me and if I had to use that for my own personal gain, so be it. All I had to do was go to his office and request the week off. He was more than happy to give it to me too, just as long as I promised to make up for the days I missed.

I just hope he meant by working extra later, and not by going out with him.


I had my bag packed within four hours and I was on the road in six. Obviously someone really wanted me to go to this damned lake house, so here I am.

A part of me knew this was a bad idea. For all I know, my sister's killer could be luring me back to the lake house to kill me too for some sick, twin fantasy.

But this was starting to get in my head. I was having nightmares about it. And it can't be a coincidence that I'm dreaming about someone trying to make me come back, and then getting a formal invitation back all in the same week.

I just decided "screw it" and left.

It was a few hours away from where I lived. The drive always seemed so much shorter when I was with my family. But the car ride was quiet aside from the music I played through my AUX cord and my Spotify playlist. I tried listening to happy, pop songs but I got sick of it after the first hour and changed it to some playlist called Rainy Days. It played softer ballads and this I was okay with.

I stopped at a gas station right outside of town to fill up my tank and grab a soda. I started the nozzle and locked it while I went inside. I got distracted by a muffin stand and ended up getting a Big Blue and a banana nut muffin. They've been my weakness ever since I was a kid. Lynn would get a double chocolate chip, and me a banana nut and we'd happily munch on them with my parents occasionally checking on us in the rear view.

I smiled at the memory before digging in my wallet for the cash to cover it. Once I got to the stand, the cashier turned and broke out in a friendly smile. "Well hey there, sweetie, nice to see you again!" I hesitated, but smiled politely. I didn't know this woman. Maybe I had met her as a kid?

"Your hair looks nice that color! It's different, but nice!" she continued chattering on, not noticing my look of complete confusion. "Deciding to mix it up a bit?" she asked, nodding at my purchase. I gave her an award smile and nodded. She didn't seem to think anything weird about it and just continued chattering. I just mumbled my thanks, paid for my muffin and drink, and high tailed it out of there. I'm so uncomfortable in social situations. I don't know how this woman had mistaken me for, but I couldn't make her feel awkward also.


The lake house must have recently been painted because it still looked nice and pristine, just as I remembered it as a kid. The porch had two rocking chairs set up overlooking the driveway. I drove up the small hill it took to get to the garage and pulled in. I climbed out of my car and found the key box to the left of the door. I pulled up my messages from mom and found the four digit passcode to unlock the box. Once I heard the click, I took the key out and opened the door.

Immediately the alarm went off and I typed the second four digit passcode to shut it off. Nothing like tight security.


After the silence settled in after the blaring alarm shut off, I took a look around. The garage was connected to the kitchen, which looked pretty similar to how it did six years ago. The kitchen was white wood cabinets and marble counter tops. Stainless steel appliances including dish washer, oven, and fridge. They went for a rustic approach, but it just seemed very homey to me.

On the island was a note and I paled. Another mystery note? From my sister, or worse?

When I neared the letter, I physically felt my spirits lift. The note was from my father's friend who cleaned the house for him each time a guest stayed.

"Kimber- Your father told me you'd be visiting the lake house this week. I took it upon myself to buy some of your favorite groceries. Hope you still like them! Have a great week. –Daniel."

I smiled and put the note down. My favorite groceries?

I checked the fridge. In it were a gallon of two percent milk, a case of Big Blue, butter, eggs, and sliced cheese. In the freezer was a tub of peppermint ice cream. I chuckled. I did still love peppermint ice cream. There was frozen chicken breast and hamburger meat as well, for help making meals throughout the week, I assumed.

The pantry held the true glory.

Blueberry poptarts, pasta and Alfredo sauce, a box of Cookie Crisp cereal, and my weakness, banana nut muffins.

It wasn't everything I needed, but I take whatever I get. I'd go to the market later to get more food.


The living room looked completely different than what I remember.

Six years ago, the furniture was done in leather and cherry wood, but now the couches were cream and soft, and the tables were done in an antique white finish. It also seemed very homey, but just not my home.

I dragged my bag to my parent's old bedroom, barely even glancing at the bedroom down the hall. I don't care how it looks now, I didn't want to see it.

I tossed my bag on the bed which was a nice burgundy. The pillows were fluffed to fit a five star hotel's expectations. I kicked off my shoes and squished around on the carpet which was that nice plush carpet that everyone loved to feel.

I sighed. It was almost like this house wasn't even a crime scene.


I hung the clothes I brought in the closet and set my laptop up on the desk in the corner of the room. I had paperwork I needed to do over this 'vacation' that my boss said he'd email me. Thankfully the house was set up with wifi in it and my parents gave me the password along with the two lock codes. I got all of my belongings set up and went to the kitchen to grab a soda.

When I walked into the kitchen, I glanced at the note that was on the table from Daniel. But it wasn't there anymore. Or, it had changed.

There was a note on the island, but it wasn't Daniel's.

"To the beautiful Kimber,

Welcome home.


Submitted: September 21, 2016

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