Animal Instinct

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Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Submitted: September 20, 2016



What is love to a man like me,
when I am but a wolf
dressing like a sheep?

What is love to a wolf like me,
when the sheep are deaf
and cannot hear me speak?
My howls echo into the night.

And what is love to a wolf like me,
when my eyes are open and so I see
the world of sheep before me
happy as can be?

Across my lonely travels
from the prairies to the sea,
I shed the cloth of sheep, 
and soon I begin to come across
a many wolf like me

It is not long until the wolves I meet
become a mighty pack,
with me, the alpha wolf,
leading from the back.

Along a journey from the mountains to the sea,
a young cub runs away to hide
where the river meets the trees.
"What is love to a wolf like me?" He asks,
staring back at his reflection in the water.

"Love to wolves is the power which makes us strong,
and believe you me,
I was weak once, until you - my family -
came along."

And so we rode into the sun,
the cub close by my side,
for now I live for those I love,
no longer do I hide.

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