The Story of the Darudes 2

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Hello fellow writers, this is my first time on this website, and I am going to be uploading many of my middle school writing here!

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016



The Story of the Darudes 2: The End of Fast Food

by Skwriter

“Shh!” whispered Darude to his squad which were all gripping pixelated diamond pickaxes. Right now they were in an alleyway behind Burger King, the fast food chain that had mercilessly murdered his grandfather who was a cow for his meat! Darude vowed to get revenge and here he was now, avenging his grandfather. It was near closing time at night so there were not many civilians “Good.” Darude thought, he didn’t want anyone innocent to get hurt anymore, not like his grandfather.

He looked around and saw that it was almost closing time, the sign hanging sideways on the door had the opening and closing hours. He gulped, he knew that what he was doing is a major crime, but he didn’t care, it is time for justice. “TOPPLE THE BUILDING!” Darude yelled. In an instant his squad ran into Burger King and began to break the pillars. The sound of Darude yelling and pickaxes chipping away at the stone alerted everyone in the building. Everyone began running out and tripping over each other as if it was Black Friday, but they all got out.

Eventually the building was caving in! “Alright! Let’s head out!” Darude commanded. Him and his squad ran out of the building and back into the alleyway. And the building collapsed, then it was followed by a huge wave of smoke. “Good job guys!” Darude told his squad. But as they were running back towards the rendezvous point, they heard something arising from the rubble, they looked back and saw a bright green light shining down on them… it was a U.F.O.! “Attention humansss! We are the Reptilian Brotherhood! We are behind every fassst food chain in America, the reassson you may ask? It isss that we are raisssing fundsss for the Reptilian Brotherhood to achieve world domination and the Reptilian Brotherhood will rule all! But you have dessstroyed our sssourccce of income! Thisss will not go unnoticcced by the Reptilian Brotherhood! HISSS! ALL HAIL THE REPTILIAN BROTHERHOOD!” someone spoke from the U.F.O., and soon everyone was running, but the Reptilian Brotherhood were not going after everybody, rather, they were going after Darude! Darude ran as fast as he could, he ducked into alleyways, and jumped over things that needed to be jumped over, but alas, he ran out of breath. “YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR SSSINSSS!” and a green beam of light focused on Darude, he became unconscious.


5 years later in the middle of a jungle…


“Hey Lepht Wright, I think it’s the time.” Darude whispered to his cellmate. They were talking about a plan to get out of jail. It was going to go like this: Once we are in the yard, we will do a prison fight, me versus him. And then the whole prison will form a ring around us and watch us fight. Once the reptilian guard comes to break up the fight, we will take him down, grab the keys and his weapon, liberate the facility, and go our own ways.

“BUGH!” Lepht Wright moaned as I fake punched him in the face. The fake fight went on for a bit until finally a reptilian guard came. “HISSS! SSSTOP THISSS RIGHT NOW! YOU BOTH ARE GOING TO SSSOLITARY CONFINEMENT!” yelled the reptilian guard. We both looked at the guard, and then ran towards him. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” the reptilian guard exclaimed. We both took him down, took his keys, and freed the prisoners. “Revolution!” yelled the prisoners.

All the prisoners proceeded to the guards’ room where we eliminated the reptilian guards and opened the doors to escape the prison. We were finally free, but not just yet. We knew it was too quite. Right when we were all outside, the last defense was dispatched, super-fast snakes! It was especially hard to evade them due to being in the jungle and all the low branches and tree roots. “SSSNAKESSS ATTACK!” the warden of the prison yelled. We all ran for our lives. I was running behind Lepht Wright. We were dying left and right. Snakes showing no mercy, swallowing up the bodies of the prisoners whole. “(insert heavy breathing sounds), did we finally lose them?” asked Lepht Wright. “Yea I think so!” I responded. But right when we were about to get comfortable, we heard a faint hiss. He put one finger over his lip and we began to look around. And then out of the trees a snake jumped on to the ground and its head facing me! Paying no attention to Lepht Wright, it jumped towards me. Luckily, since I have fast reflexes, I grabbed Lepht Wright and pushed him towards the snake, and I ran. I didn’t look back. We will always remember Lepht Wright for his sacrifice. The way he willingly stepped in the way to protect me, he was a true hero.

After running for a while, I ended up out of the jungle and into a peaceful meadow containing cows, just walking and eating the grass. Since Darudes grandfather was a cow, Darude inherited a special ability to talk to cows. Darudes conversation with the cows didn’t go well because they had so much grass in their mouth, and they are trying to chew it and talk at the same time, it was disgusting. So Darude just looked at the cows from a distance, not sure what his next plan of action would be. He sat down on the fluffy grass just to take a small nap. As he was closing his eyes, he heard a buzzing sound. As he looked up, he could hear it getting louder and louder… it was a slaughtercopter, it is used to go a selected area scan for cow or chicken meat, and then, it begins to slaughter them by shooting out sharp rotating metal discs at the animals’ neck, after they have been slaughtered, the remains are then picked up by the slaughtercopters robotic arm hidden underneath. The Darude and the cows looked at each other… how were they going to survive this?

Darude hid behind a rock and the other cows just scattered behind trees. “Good.” Darude sighed. But the slaughtercopter was turning on its sharp rotating metal disc shooter. Darude was wondering and came to the conclusion that the sharp rotating metal disc shooters might break through the tree. “Infrared scanner enabled. Scanning for targets. Targets found. Loading discs… Discs loaded. Preparing to fire.” A computerized voice from the ship said. Vroom, pew, pew, pew. Darude then heard a tree fall. “Oh god.” He worried. He looked over to where he heard the sound. He saw a cow body that fell to its side, and a cow head rolling around on the ground. It sliced straight through the tree! Darude waited there, behind the impenetrable rock, putting his hand over his hand, as he heard, one by one, the cows flesh being sliced by the sharp metal rotating discs.

“Targets eliminated. Proceeding to pick up targets.” Darude stayed behind the rock. After the chaos was over Darude peeked over to see whether if the helicopter was still there. It wasn’t, good. Darude got up and went to the center of the meadow. There was just the smell of rotting flesh and cow blood. Darude looked up, and saw the helicopter faintly in the distance. He knew that home was a long way, but the helicopter must be going to civilization. And thus Darude began his journey back home. Darude went through most dangerous of dungeons, the mightiest of mountains, the deadliest of deserts, and the most frigid of tundras to get back home. Alas Darude made it.

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