Star Wars Uncharted 4.5 The Wizarding World of Percy Jackson

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Arcann searches the galaxy for his brothers lightsaber which is in the hands of Jedi Knight Alex Jackson. On his search he discovers a lost soul and a titan clinging to life. Arcann revives them and they prepare to take revenge on their enemies. Meanwhile Alex Jackson and his cell PKZ get sucked into another galaxy where they discover a familiar young wizard and a powerful demigod. Now facing a titan, a dark wizard and an evil emperor the 3 young heroes must pull themselves together and defeat the threat to the galaxy and earth themselves

Table of Contents


I hope you like my new fanfic. It takes place after book 4 of my series Star Wars Uncharted and has the same characters and everything. S... Read Chapter


Alex Jackson was meditating in his room, alone. Alex, Brianna, Cody, Lily and Shawn had gone on their next adventure with their ne... Read Chapter

New York

The young man walked through the black streets of New York. His friends Hermione and Ron had missed the plane after Hermione's cat atta... Read Chapter

Into the black hole

The lounge exploded, blasting the 4 heroes across the room. 3 Skytroopers walked in and looked around. King rolled through the room at ... Read Chapter

Crash landing in New York

Harry rose from his bed, knowing something was wrong. He had made it to his hotel last knight after being attacked by the demeantors an... Read Chapter

The Force vs the Gods

Percy, Jason and Annabeth slowly walked towards the front of the ship, under the main part they found a broken open entrance where the ... Read Chapter


The group sat in the main room talking. "So who are you guys and where are we?" asked Alex. "My names Percy Jackson, son of Posideon. T... Read Chapter

Lost over New York

A blast of white light flew through the group and hit half of the hooded figures, They flew into the distance and dissapeared. Alex, Pe... Read Chapter

Lost in London

Lily rose from the ground and looked around. The walls were no longer lightning up, they were burnt out. All the lights were off and th... Read Chapter

The Prophecy

Alex knew he wasn't gonna make it. He remembered the Manaan waters, clear and beautiful. But this water was different, polluted. He tri... Read Chapter

Drachma Search

Annabeth rose from her bed and looked over to Jason. He was awake and was playing video games on his computer. "Stupid zombie! Die Skel... Read Chapter

Enter the Labyrinth

Alex's POV After Luna was done eating we quickly dressed in silence. King ran in during the middle of it and started throwing smoke... Read Chapter

Race to Platform 9/3

Alex, Percy, Harry, Luna and King walked through the door and looked around. They had apparently walked out of an old abandon... Read Chapter

Battle on the Hogwarts Express

"The heroes are on the Hogwarts Express." said Vaylin. "I'll blast it apart." said Voldemort. The 3 villains plus Vaylin were inside Ar... Read Chapter

Escape to Hogwarts

Alex thought he was dead. Actually, he was just crushed. He attempted to move but found something heavy on top of him. He used the forc... Read Chapter


We had finally arrived at the end of the train tracks. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Defender flew around the school ... Read Chapter

A Night on the Tower

"Luna!" yelled Alex. Currently Alex Jackson was holding Jason's gladius and had it stabbed into the side of the Hogwarts roof. Luna was... Read Chapter

Demigods and Jedi join the Battle

Alex ignited his saber and prepared for battle. He used his saber blitz move and sliced through another 20 of the Skytroopers. King rol... Read Chapter

The Astronomy Tower

Alex knew what he had to do. "Cmon! We need to face off against Arcann and the others at the Eternal Station." said Alex. "The stations... Read Chapter

Shot out of the Sky

They were surrouned. "Stupefy!" yelled Harry. Jason and Percy both cut down another 2 Skytroopers with their blade. Alex zapped 6 with ... Read Chapter

Duel in the Station

"Cmon!" yelled Alex. He dived out of the blast doors of the Defender and fell. "Uh guys! Lasers!" yelled Jason. The sides of the statio... Read Chapter

Battle in the Courtyard

"Percy!"  Alex rose from the ground and looked around. He heard the wind whistling so he guessed he must have been blasted out... Read Chapter

Destruction of the Eternal Station

"I see you have come. You have made a grave mistake." said Arcann. Arcann sat at his throne and Voldemort sat in a black throne next to... Read Chapter

Storm and Fire

Alex rose from the ground and felt pain. His arm was all bloody and the room was burning. The Defender was crashed into the right side ... Read Chapter


"How much of the sun do we have?" asked Arcann. Arcann was now sitting in his throne in the Eternal Station. The Station that had been ... Read Chapter

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Okay, just reading the first chapter and I predict that I will not be able to close my laptop until I finish this.

Wed, November 16th, 2016 5:19am


I'm not even much of a star wars fan.

Wed, November 16th, 2016 5:21am

Sakari Lacross

Hi my name is Michael, and I have released a poem on Amazon kindle. Could you check it out on please? if you like action then i'm certain you'll love it!!

Wed, November 23rd, 2016 2:17am

Lucid Creator

I just stumbled upon this, and the name just makes me question everything.

Tue, February 21st, 2017 1:25am


lol it's pretty much a crossover between all 3.

Tue, February 21st, 2017 8:39am

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