ET, Phone Home!

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A possible explanation for the inexplicable!

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016



I've finally, maybe, found rock-solid proof

that the long-rumored, yet elusive, man who's aloof,


egotistical--he's about as egotistical as egotistical gets,

making offensive and utterly impossible-to-do threats,


is not who he claims to be. First contact, he must be E.T,

who has the ability to hypnotize every one, except some and me.


I could never understand his appeal to some voters,

as the threshold for idiot gets lower and lower.


But then I thought, 'what if he's from outer space,

with that idiotic sneer plastered on his leering face?'


That would explain the disdain and utter contempt

with which he holds everything but himself-- seems that he's exempt


from political physics, the normal rules don't apply

to him--with him, there are no rules, and that is why


he's so popular, because he is not close to human,

that would explain why our airwaves, he's overran!


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