Where is Mummy?

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A simple question asked by a little girl to her Daddy, who gives her a magical answer...

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016



“Right! Its 8 o’clock, past your bed time young lady! Let’s go upstairs and brush your teeth.”

Lucy ignored Daddy’s instructions and continued to plait her doll’s blonde locks, cross-legged on the sofa.

“I’m no good at doing Barbie’s hair, Mummy was so much better than me.” She said despondently, continuing to get her fingers tangled in the fake hair, tongue sticking out due to concentration.

Daddy went over and pulled his world onto his lap.

“Don’t worry, Lucy Loo, you’ll get it! Just keep practising like Mummy showed you.”

The two sat in silence for a few moments, neither really sure how the other felt at their mention of the ‘M’ word.

“Daddy?” Lucy prodded. “Where is Mummy?”

Daddy sighed.

“Okay…let me tell you a little story…

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess-“

“MUMMY!” Lucy interrupted.

“-she had long blonde hair like Rapunzel and eyes as sparkly as Cinderella’s glass slippers. She was kind to everyone and always made sure people were happy because seeing other people happy made her happy too. She had a lovely little family, a kind husband who she didn’t even get grumpy with when he made a mess and a little girl who-“

“THAT’S ME!” Lucy beamed, causing Daddy to chuckle.

“a little girl who she was proud of every single day. She always told people about how clever she was, how big her heart was and how she knew she was going to grow up to be a fairy one day. She loved this little girl very much. She even always gave her her last square of chocolate and you only do that for people you love very much.

This princess wasn’t a superhero, although, she could’ve been. She worked hard all day but still found time to tidy the house, do the shopping and spend time with the people she loved. Her husband often wondered if she was actually real or not!

This lady was good to the whole entire world. She never made anybody sad. But one day, she went out for a walk in the park. It was a lovely, sunny day and all the birdies were singing. Whilst she was walking through the park, looking at the pretty flowers, she kept thinking about how excited she was go home to her family, but she was having lots and lots of fun.

However, on this sunny day, she came across another lady, but this lady wasn’t like the princess. She was an angel. She had curly brown hair and wore a long, white dress. She also had a magic wand and a bright smile-

“But her smile wasn’t as nice as Mummy’s!” Lucy protested.

“Oh no, of course not! Nobody’s smile could ever be as nice as Mummy’s.” Daddy reassured her before continuing with his tale.

“This lady spoke to the princess and they soon became really good friends. After chatting and laughing together for what seemed like forever, it was home time but the angel told the princess that she had to go with her. She said she’d had so much fun together that she didn’t want to leave alone. She also told the princess that she knew she was a good person because she’d been watching her for a long time. So she wanted her to go home with her so she could spread magic amongst the angel’s magic kingdom and put smiles upon people’s faces. The beautiful princess wasn’t sure at first. She didn’t want to leave her special little girl behind but she knew it was the right thing to do. She also knew her little girl was very smart and would be very brave and look after herself, doing all the things she was taught by her Mummy. Plus, she was certain that the little girl had an amazing Daddy who would make sure she was never sad and always had waffles for breakfast. So, the princess and the angel in the white dress held hands and they started to fly. They went up, up, up into the sky together, where they found a little house in the clouds. They decorated the house so it was extra cosy and the princess makes sure to watch down from the window every single day on her little girl as she goes to school, works very hard and gets lots of gold stars from her Mrs Evans. When she is old enough, the little girl will be able to fly up, up, up into the sky too and live with her Mummy in her new house. For now though, she must stay with her Daddy, keeping the house tidy, watering the flowers, baking lots of cakes, feeding the goldfish and having lots of fun. And so the princess and the angel lived happily ever after together.

“So, when I’m a grown up, I’ll be able to go and live in the clouds?”

“Yes, you will sweetheart.”

“WOW! I’ve always wanted to be able to fly. Do you think the clouds taste like candyfloss?”

“I hope so, because one day, I’ll be allowed to live in the clouds too and I really, really like candyfloss! It makes my tummy feel like THIS…” Daddy said and finished his sentence by tickling Lucy’s tummy.

Through giggles, she managed to squeeze out, “Oh Daddy, you are silly!”

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