Thoughts Of A Writer Pt 2

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A writer trying to kickstart some ideas.

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016




Here we go.

Another day at the computer. Wanting to get another story on paper.

Seems simply enough.

Can it be done? I'm gonna say yes.

That settles it. The answer is yes. So it's time to go to work.

How would I start the work for today?

Let's see. Yesterday I wrote a piece about a couple going on a first date. That was fun, very quick and easy to write. Maybe I could do something like that.

OK. Now we are off and running.

That is a terrible analogy. I'm a writer. Why would I be running?

Anyway. I need an idea. Something I haven't tried writing before. I've been very simplistic as of late. Simple scenes. Trying to make it all Hemingway. Short and to the point. I wanna expand and do something new.

A book, perhaps?

OK. That can be done.

What about a screenplay?

Perfect! What a great idea. I will start a screenplay.

That leaves me with one more problem though. What am I writing about? What am I gonna try to make this movie? Is it a movie? What about for a TV Show?

No, no, no,no. Stop overthinking it. Just stick to basics. Just come up with the story. Once you do that, then you can turn it in to what ever format you want. But you just need that pesky story.

The one spark to kickstart the forest fire inside your mind.

Forest fire in the mind? Perhaps I do need to take up running. Do I own a pair of shorts? Well there are the jean shorts. Do people run in jean shorts? I hope not, that is just a little weird.

Maybe that is a story right there. People who try to run in jean shorts. A comedy. Slapstick humor perhaps. Could be a standup routine in there. I'll have to dig out the "Seinfeld" DVD's and see if Jerry ever did a routine about Jeans.

No, that is stupid. Who in their right mind would want to watch anything about a guy running in jeans?

There has to be something else. Some other idea that can get the creative juices flowing.

Hey, that reminds me. I have juice in the fridge. Maybe I will take a drink of juice and that might help.

I get up and walk to the kitchen and get to the fridge. Opening it, I am dissapointed at what I have infront of me for options.

Prune, Grape,  or Lemon juice.

Three choices, three possibilities.

Choose wisely.

That is what the Knight said in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade." Great movie. I will watch it later tonight. 

Let's see. Lemon is something you would only drink if someone played a cruel joke on you.

Grape is good, but I'm an adult and I don't have to drink it anymore. So take that, Mom! 

That leaves me with Prune Juice. I'm 30 years old. Why would I need to drink it now? I should wait til I am 50 before I start chugging that nasty stuff down. When I said I'd like to get the juices flowing, I wasn't sure if I meant Prune. Possibly did. But I don't know.

I'm looking around in the fridge for something better. There just has to be something better. I'm scanning as fast as I can. Needing something to register. Looking, looking, looking. Well what did I just find? Could it be? Is it what I think it is? It is. It really is.

My old friend Cherry Pepsi.

Where have you been hiding, Mr Pepsi? You handsome son of a bitch. I didn't know you were still there. Come with me, my friend. I will put you to great use.

Heading back to the computer, Pepsi in my hand, I felt a great urge to create something original. Something that my fans and friends would have never thought I would be able to create. I just needed that one idea. All it takes is one. When one occurs, the pieces fall into place.

Instead of staring at a screen, I do something better. Something more productive. I grabbed a pencil from the desk drawer and started to talk out loud. 

Yes sir, the professional writer at work. He quite possibly suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Or just has voices in his head. 

Voices in his head? Of course a writer has voices in his head. How else does he come up with that weird thing called Characters? Yeah, exactly. That is how writers come up with characters.

Am I having a nervous breakdown? 

OK, enough of this. I got to focus, damnit. Get back in the game. You need a story. Pull up the internet and start searching. How else do people make stuff up. Look on the internet. You will find something. You always have before. This time will not be any different. Waiting for the internet to pull up. 

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi...

Presto. It's on. OK Yahoo, let's find an idea.

Looking and AH HA! 

Found it. 

Way to go. 

Now I can get the writing going. I'm gonna be pretty productive today. Nothing is gonna distract me for the rest of the day. I look at my watch and see what time it is.


I'll get to work after lunch. 

After all, can't write on an empty stomach. 

That's my idea.

Epic struggle of a writer. He needs to get some work done. But the Roast Beef Sandwhich in the fridge is calling. How will he handle the pressure? Will our hero rise to conquer the fear? Or, will he fall into the trap that is delicious Jimmy John's sandwhiches?

To be continued...........................


© Copyright 2018 Robert Logan. All rights reserved.

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