Dream Of Twenty-Two

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if only...

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016



I have a dream of being twenty-two again,

and this time, instead of losing, I will win!


I wouldn't want to go back any earlier than that,

this time I'll succeed, and not fall absolutely flat,


for high school blew, too many times I played the fool.

Oh, there were good times, but too often it was nothing but cruel.


I'll turn back the clock on decisions I made,

decisions of disaster, who's memory won't fade.


I'll blizzard that bully with my rapid-fire wit,

I'll have the perfect comeback to knock him down a bit.


Things I was too inexperienced, too unsure of myself to be,

with my put downs I'll be liberal, with my ranks I'll be free!


Yes, in my mind, I'll just hop into that time machine,

And I'll change that old equation, if you know what I mean!


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