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Love complicates even the simplest choices.

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016



George swallowed his fear as he looked down. His vision swam. Below him stretched about thirty stories of emptiness and air. Then the sidewalk, which would soon be stained red. Taking a deep breath, George lifted the nearly empty vodka bottle and downed the rest, grimacing as the acid taste hit his throat. He hated the stuff, but it numbed the pain, so he dealt. He studied the sky. It was dark, the moon rising behind the clouds and illuminating everything in a soft, pale glow. It silhouetted the clouds so it looked like the sky was dark with a grey splotched pattern. It was truly beautiful. George sighed. He'd always loved the sky. Now he'd be part of it with his mom.

Oh well, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. It's not like anyone would actually miss him, so that was good. He didn't have any friends, and the only people he really talked to were the store clerks when his stepdad sent him to go pick up more beer. Oh, right. Chad. The only reason he'd be upset would be because George drank his only vodka. A bittersweet smile wormed itself onto George's lips. Now that thought made it all worth wild. Chuckling, George dropped the empty bottle and watched it fall. He didn't blink when it shattered into a million pieces and the shards went flying in every direction. That would be him in a few moments.

Stepping onto the ledge, George took another moment to just breathe. A chilly breeze swept through his messy brown hair. The brown hair his aunt always got at him for not trimming. Welp, being dead had its perks. No more having to worry about school, bullies, stepdads, drug addicts, or haircuts. The list of pros just kept getting longer. Yeah, this wasn't a bad idea. No more doubts.

"Should I have written a suicide note?" George wondered out loud. Not like anyone besides the police would read it. No point. If they wanted to hear what he had to say, they would've listened beforehand. Sighing, George shifted his weight from foot to foot. Why was he hesitating? He should be splattered across the street by now! George furrowed his brow. He realized something. Throughout this whole night, the one thing that never left his mind was her.


His only friend. Through everything, she stuck by his side. Through the divorce, the marriage, the cancer, the death. She was the only one that would join him for lunch or offer to be his partner. The only one that would help him. She was always there. In fact, George couldn't remember a time when she wasn't there helping him. Encouraging him. Putting aside her free time to hang out with him. It's like she couldn't see how hopeless he was, how much of a loser he was. Heck, she even stood up for him when she saw the bullying. She was like an angel.

Suddenly doubtful, George took a step back from the ledge. What would she think? All her hard work would be gone, he would've wasted all her precious time. It's not like she would miss him, though... right? Anna... Anna would just find a new friend. She'd move on, maybe start hanging out with the popular kids. Get forty-three new friends, forty-two of which would hit on her because she was so perfect and beautiful. George sighed. He wished he could tell her goodbye, but at the same time he wished she wouldn't find out he did it. All of his feelings started to run together. Confused, George sat down on the cold concrete roof. Maybe he shouldn't do this. He promised her.

"Promise me?" She asked, turning those gorgeous blue eyes up to his brown ones.

"Promise you what?" George responded, meeting her gaze.

"Promise me you won't do it. Promise me you won't leave me alone in this hellhole." Her expression was so intense and focused, it seemed that if something even touched her she would snap into zillions of pieces.

George frowned. "C'mon, you know I don't like promises."

Her expression shifted slightly. "Please?"

George stared into her hopeful eyes for a second.

"Fine. I promise."

Tearing up, George decided he couldn't break that promise. He couldn't be like everyone else and just throw it away. Standing up, he headed towards the door that led off the roof.


Maybe some other day. But not while the promise with Anna still stood.

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