The Legend of Ash and Pine

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Everyone in Town hates Ashton. They'll tell you, "He's disgusting!" or "What a freak!" or "His pa didn't pull out soon enough on that one!" with all the confidence in the universe. They'll say they despise him because "he just doesn't belong, you know?" And in a way, they're right.

Ashton Ochoa doesn't belong. He doesn't belong in Town. He was never meant to belong there. After generations of degradation and brainwashing, he was just made to believe that there's nowhere else he could be. This cruel, judgmental world was reality. All the stories he's read of flying machines, invisible people, fire-breathing animals, and distant planets - those are just fiction to him - just means of escapism.

Ashton couldn't be more wrong.

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nepha's prologue

Submitted: September 21, 2016

People often tell of the legend of Lady Nepha, the daughter of light type and shadow type. Holy and darkness. Angel and demon. Queen of g... Read Chapter

a day in the life

Submitted: September 21, 2016

7TH MONTH - 27TH DAY - 2543RD YEAR | Darkness swirls in front of his eyes. Specks of light flash in and out of focus. He untangle... Read Chapter

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