Why Insecure Woman Make Great Private Investigators

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Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016



We’ve always heard lots of stories of woman who have dated insecure men and how it can be completely unbearable, but what if we flipped the script? It has been brought to my attention to ask, “What is it like dating an insecure woman from a mans perspective?” After finally getting some awesome feedback, I am finally able to piece together, “Why insecure woman make great private investigators.”

They know your daily routine

Woman have a way of knowing your every move, from the minute you woke up this morning at ten to the minute you clocked out at five. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether it’s watching your favorite show of Archer, enjoying that nice hot cup of coffee, on your lunch break, she has it pat down to a T. Anything else that falls out of that, causes suspicion.

They pay close attention to detail

“I thought you said that you had wings & fries last Saturday.” Fellas, woman pay very close attention to detail. From the time you left work, to what you had for dinner, and you had dinner with. If one little detail is different than the last time you spoke to her, it calls in for the rule of questioning.

They are great at bypassing security

Have you ever wondered how she knows details about a certain conversation that you had with someone that you didn’t tell her about? Or a text that you might have gotten from an old high school “friend” of yours that you don’t remember ever mentioning, but she knows her by name? You might of even changed your passcode to your phone or Facebook a couple of times but she still somehow seems to crack the code. Although you may not have anything to hide, you might want to consider something a little more complicated than your favorite pet’s name being Thor.

They have great undercover abilities

Don’t ever lie about how you know a certain somebody. All it takes is something as simple as Facebook to find out everything you need to know about somebody and there she goes pretending to be your cousin, doing her own investigation on how you guys know each other and everything else will just unravel on its own.

They have great surveillance

Don’t ever underestimate a woman’s power to find out things if she really wants to know something. Every girl has that one friend who knows every body’s business but her own, or another friend who knows everybody in town and can find out just about anything she wants. Sometimes it’s a good and bad thing to know a lot of people.

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