My Granny

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A small dedication to my Granny

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016



To me my Granny

Was like an elder Mommie


Her hugs and Kisses all so warm

Her love was like a bees swarm.


Her words did not affect me then

Because I didn’t realize how she said them & when…..


She gave me her whole hearted love,

Her heart was crystal clear like purity of Dove…….


Her essence is here, still the same

Why god with her, played such a game?


She never required any kind of fame

Her actions, words and thoughts were never a tame.


She wrote a story of thoughts in her mind

It was sad to relate it with the sight……….


Her creativity will surely be treasured

Her love & affection had been a pleasure………….


Her words of wisdom are still remembered

Her writings are now kept as a treasure………….


Her purity & sincerity was the cream of life

She must have been an Amazing Wife!


Her sister had been her moral support

She left her too & went to another port


Her smiling face reflected her calmness

Those last moments took away all her pain & sadness.


She was burdened with sorrow

All that made her more hollow.


She changed herself with generations

Just like changing with a change in Season.


Her children were hers & many others

Keeping them forever, her desire was, altogether.


She never saw her kids fighting

She just noticed the worlds lightening.


The more I say, the more I lack

Of words I do not,have a pack !!!!!


Will always keep her memories beneath

Hope her soul rests in peace……………………

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