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This may replace the current Orion book if it turns out to be more liked and more read. please read the first book before making your comments! thank you

Table of Contents


It was around winter when the streets of Osaka, Japan began to fill with the sour scent of death. The sidewalks were colored with the mot... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Sai was turning roughly in his sleep. He was sleeping in an old box lined with a thin layer of dust and dirt when a hard rumbling had sha... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The moon was shining bright high in the sky. For once since the war started the sky was clear and every star in the sky was visible. The ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Finally back at the bar Sai and the young boy run to the back room. The room was still except for the heavy breathing and panting. Sai sl... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

“I’m cold. why do we have to go through all these back streets? Won’t it be faster if we take the main road?” Kiko stammered thro... Read Chapter

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