Backwards in Time

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what may come to pass

Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016



Time was, when we'd have laughed Trump out of the room,

dismissed him as a crazy bastard, who preaches doom and gloom.


But some of us, at least, worship at the alter of The Don.

We don't even try to hide our racism--all pretense is gone.


It's out in the open--our nineteen forty's are showing,

because backwards in time is where we are going.


Back to a time when discrimination ruled the day,

back to a turbulent time when living in fear was our way.


Let's blame others for everything, view them with mistrust.

I can't believe the solutions that Donny-Boy has discussed,


and that some of us believe that he's spouting the right solutions,

to anything--we've forgotten the past, is my very sad conclusion.


All those years of enlightenment tossed out with the trash,

now we follow the Dread Pied Piper, and we're headed for a crash.





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