the seven ominous knights

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thou shalt be delighted in the foolishness of these knights!

Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016



The Ominous Knights

Once upon a time

There were seven knights of the polygonal table

The knights were deciding over who was the Duke of them all

“I think Bill should be the Duke” said Jenkins

“No way Jose” exclaimed Lamar

“Hey!” Shouted Jenkins “My name isn’t Jose?!

“Well sorry, sassy pants!”

“Give me your french fry”

*gasp* “How dare you ask for my fry in that manner!”

“Well you can’t blame my stomach!”

“ When my stomachs sees something it wants, it gets what it wants!”

The others still watching the argument between Jenkins and Lamar

Bobby, one of the knights watching the debate yelled, “Stop! You sound like Hillary Clinton.”

Image result for hillary clinton weird face


Both knights looked at each other with hatred

Then something happened that you simply won’t believe

They got into a full out brawl

Amidst the fighting Lamar saw that Jenkins was nowhere to be found

Then literally twenty seconds later…

Jenkins punched Lamar in the gut, but Lamar could not find him anywhere.

It then hit Lamar that Jenkins had invisibility powers.

“Whaaa?” “Show yourself Jenkiiiinnnnnnssssss!”

No thank you, said what was believed to be jenkins voice

“I’m heading home,” bye (Jenkins was not really leaving, but Lamar thought he was…)

After all the fighting the Duke was decided to be the hermit crab knight named Fred

The End


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