Vena, the Immortal Hunter (Volume II - The Blood Queen)

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Few words needed to be said of the Blood Queen. Born as a human, and captured to be a Vampire familiar. To gain her freedom, she betrayed her master. Now, with her newfound powers, she follows her savior: the Hunter that never dies.
If you ever meet the Hunter that never dies, say your prayers, and believe that your life is forfeited, for the Blood Queen is nearby, ready to drain and use your blood however she pleases.

Cover art by: shibafu no atama

Table of Contents

Character introduction.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

Hello all, ~Skyle~ here.
Thank you for reading volume II of the Immortal Hunter series.
If you haven't read Volume I here's the link or just check my profile:

As this is just introducing the characters, I'll be uploading the Prologue in a few hours time.
Look forward to it, and any kind of feedback on volume 1 is greatly appreciated.
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Prologue: The unexpected delay.

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