Depression hits hard

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a sad poem written in grade ten but later included in grade 10 portfolio.

Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016




He's aggressive. He's abusive.

He comes in like a blade

and stains you with blood.


He's always on your mind.

You only care what he thinks.

You listen to him

because you're scared he'll hurt you again.


You want to leave him

but you're too scared to talk about it.

You want to love him

but he'll kill you if you stay.


He's clingy.

He doesn't give you time for yourself.

He might not let you eat.

He'll call you fat.

You'll starve yourself.

Your body makes you want to throw up.


“He'll kill you,” they tell you

but you brush them off.

Soon they'll start to leave you.

You'll have nobody to turn to.


You're stuck with him

You're stuck with yourself.

You're stuck inside your head.



He's aggressive. He's abusive.

But at least he still loves you.

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