A Real Life Epic- Middle School Level

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A Essay for Euro Lit

Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016



Brian Luo        9/22/16

Period 5        Epic


O How everyone knows of the greatest singer of all

His voice inspiring, his songs compelling, blessed by the god Apollo

Guide me Muse, bless me the inspiration to tell

The beginnings of the Blessed One

Delve into his past and see

Him Overcome his inner demons and fears

Fight against the dangerous power public

And See How the Blessed One came to be


He rose to the stage, fear and nervousness invading his mind as he slowly walked up to microphone. He looked up, only to see eyes staring back, waiting for what He was going to say. A vile man introduced Him, his oily voice addressing kids of age ten to thirteen. “Next up on stage, please welcome Brian Luo and his performance of John Legends, All of Me!”. He had practiced dawns for this, skipped even some of dreaded math homework, and his soul knew he was ready. Opening his thin lips, his vibrating windpipes let out a melodious tune only Apollo himself could ever match.


That was how it was supposed to go. Instead Brian was nowhere near the stage. He was at home, sick from his own cause, unable to perform. He was home alone, as he felt all his fears come true. He had faked, his courage and valor non-existent, and the person under the sheets could only be described as a coward. Brian had fled the show in nervousness and fear, the thought of failing to sing taunting him. So he decided on a plan that was hardly worthy, poison himself he thought, ailing himself to cripple him from the stage. He was always able to perform at events where he’d sing. Brian even remembered himself singing a melodious beat to random people on the subway. Now his work naught, all his talents at waste, and all the bravery and courage deserted. Dusk descended and his conscience faded to the dark chambers of sleep with a small ray of light at the edge of his eyes.


Phobos looked down, 21th century was boring, the gods had slowly been forgotten, and it was hard to find those knowing of the greek gods to exploit their fears. He looked down on his current plaything, he had implemented the flaw of fear and cowardice into the young mortal. He smirked, looking for another life to ruin to his amusement.


Brian arrived at school hour after the dawn. The blooming trees marked the change to Spring by Demeter as pink petals littered the sidewalk. The sun shined brightly, a sign of Lord Apollo, and his mind suddenly calmed.  He walked past students still nervous about thought of someone calling him out for deserting the show. No one knew of his cowardice but Brian had felt it eating away at his life for a very long time. Only a few people ask why he hadn't showed up at the performance when Brian reached his classroom, but replies so deceitful, it was worthy of Dolos had misled them and turned their thoughts elsewhere. Classwork took his mind away from what had happened, as he slowly relaxed and calmed until recess, the day that had led Brian on his path the glory, a day he only realized had changed his life decades later.


Apollo was confused. He had checked on some mortals with potential, that he had blessed when they were young. He was currently looking at young Brian Luo sitting alone in a corner, humming some tunes that sounding melodious. He was positive the young man had been brave, heart of strong, and caring, prophesied by himself, God of Prophecies. His heart felt a calling, he knew this should’ve been the one to carry on his legacy of song in the future. Not far away was a girl, being berated by other girls. Apollo looked and easily saw the girl with the blessing of Athena. Just like Apollo, maiden Athena loved scouting talented children to spread her gifts. He shook his head, the girl obviously being bullied for being too interested into books and not realizing how her social standing crumbled. Suddenly, the Great Apollo thought of a brilliant plan that would surely bring young Brian back on track.


Brian was alone humming a soft tune when suddenly one of the younger kids walked up to him, his eyes shining brightly of the color yellow. Before Brian could think too much, the kid asked with a brilliant voice, “Do you mind if I do th-”, and suddenly Brian’s mind went blank. Soon his consciousness returned, and he awoke to find himself walking towards a bunch of girls harassing another girl on the floor. His heart stuttered with fear of confrontation, and Brian questioned what he was doing as he was turning around. He knew he couldn't possibly leave the poor girl so Brian and mustered what wit he had and yelled the name, “OMG, MR. WELLER IS COMING!”. The sheer terror of the name was able to cause the girls to flee faster than Hermes. I looked toward the girl laying on the floor.


She was crying. Aurora was crying. She was sitting in a corner reading when Courtney walked up with her gang, arrogant as Nemesis, and started attacking her. She felt tears finally stinging her face a minute in the harassment. Suddenly, she heard a loud voice filled with emotion, and looked up to see the girls of Tartarus feeling and saw a boy approaching. Instead of the loud voice, filled with terror, she heard a beautiful voice, rivaling even the gods, and the owner of that voice looking at her with a smile saying, “Hey, you okay?”. She felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment replied with a soft “Yes” and picked up the book she was reading, The Odyssey. He offered a hand and Aurora took it.


Unbeknownst to them, the wheels of fate were turning as Aurora’s and Brian’s names appeared on Aphrodite’s secret list.


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