Deaths Abuse

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Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016





“ELIJAH UNLOCK THE DOOR,” his father shouted with such a vial sneer to his voice.




The door bust open and Elijah held his breath. The darkness within his closet consumed him as he heard his father’s angry footsteps pace the room searching for any sign of life. Elijah did his best to not make a sound. The stillness and peaceful silence within the closet was quite serene. With a little wiggle he tried to hide behind the coats that hung on the hooks above his head but blinding light caused him to stop. The grotesque stench of whiskey mixed with the sickening smell of cigarette smoke filled Elijah’s lungs intoxicating him and making him choke, it was so horrible.


“YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD HIDE FROM ME?!” Elijah’s father shouted in his face with spit flying everywhere.


Elijah was ripped from the safety of his closet and thrown across the floor. His body was only a ragdoll to his rage-filled father. Elijah tried getting up but he took another blow as his father’s steel caps met his stomach in quite a “lovely” meeting. Making Elijah retch over and over again, the breath was knocked from his lungs and he had no time to gather his breath before his hair was being ripped from his skull. Elijah’s head hit the wall not as hard as he thought it would as his father pinned him against it. Getting up in Elijah’s face he breathed heavily. The intoxicating mixed alcoholic smell and smoke made Elijah hold his breath.


“If I ever, EVER, hear you imply you’re gay ever again, I will make sure to gut you like a pig,” he growled in Eli’s face and spat on him walking out and shutting the door. Leaving Elijah a depressed heap on the ground, silent tears rolling down his face, Elijah had gotten used to crying himself to sleep.


The school yard was a warzone. Every person Elijah would pass either stared or giggled to their friends. They all made snarky remarks about him behind his back. He ignored them though. He became the master of ignoring them. His eyes scanned over the yard and his eyes brightened as soon as he saw Isaac, Isaac’s green eyes and messy dirty blonde hair, was iconic you could spot him a mile away, when the sun shines on him. He ran over to his best friend with a little skip in his step. He would never admit it, but he had a little crush on his friend.

“Yo Elijah I’ve been waiting for you,” Isaac said as he turned to face him.


“Why were you waiting for me?” Isaac’s small smiled turned into a grin as he held out an envelope. “What are these?” he asked.


“Open them up.”


Elijah opened up the envelope. Two tickets sat there, written on them, The Summer Set. “What how did you get these?!” Elijah was excited. He loved The Summer Set, they were his favourite band.


“My mum said that if I had a friend to go with I could go, so I decided to invite you,” Isaac smiled.


Elijah’s arms instantly wrapped around Isaac’s body, “Thank you so much!” he shrilled putting the envelope in his bag, “I’ll keep them safe,” he said letting go of Isaac.


Elijah looked at Isaac who was silent staring at Eli, who couldn’t make out what the look was. “Isaac you cool?” he asked. Isaac cleared his throat and let in a breath as a shadow cast over the two. A large bulky shadow with scraggly hair and big ears, this was not a friend.


Elijah turned around to face Theo, his major school bully. Theo just stood there, intimidating as he stood over Elijah who wasn’t very big compared to him. Elijah backed up into Isaac who just grabbed him and held him in place. Elijah froze but instantly relaxed in Isaac’s hands as Isaac slowly let go.


“Who’s this gay boy, your boyfriend?” Theo grinned. Elijah just shook his head. “What’d he give you, a card confessing his love for you?”

“Shut up Theo, you’re not wanted here,” Isaac spoke up standing in front of Elijah very protectively. Elijah stood up straighter gaining some sort of strength from Isaac.


“And he stands up for you to, how adorable,” Theo mocked laughing in their faces.


“He’s not my boyfriend, go away,” Elijah shouted. He was so sick of Theo.


Theo let out a growl, not happy with Elijah commanding him to do something. He stood over him asserting dominance as much as he could.

“Don’t enjoy this,” he said grabbing Elijah by the shirt and pressing him against the wall tightly. Elijah squirmed. “Don’t you ever, EVER give me an order, you’re my punching rag, you’re my little victim and if you ever try to talk back to me, you’re going to get stomped into the pavement,” Theo threatened letting go of Elijah who stood there. Theo walked away and Elijah let out a sigh of relief shaking his head. He should have expected that.


“Are you okay?” Isaac asked concerned.


Elijah ignored him. Not because he was pissed at Isaac for not doing anything to help, just because he couldn’t be bothered. He walked away from his friend and went straight to his locker. He needed to get ready because he knew this day was going to get worse, and he needed some time before he burst into tears, he didn’t want to embarrass himself at school, he wasn’t as weak here. At school he was stronger than some of the kids. But he was still undermined by most. He just needed to breathe.


The door opened to a tornado of destruction. Broken vases, picture frames and constant shouting echoed around the house. Elijah tried to close the front door quietly but it slammed halting the violence in the other room. Elijah walks towards his room and the fighting continued. He sat on his bed pulling out the ticket he placed it on his bedside table. He smiled at the ticket; he had never been invited out by a friend before and was very excited.


The sound of stomping filled his ears and he readied himself as he father blew into the room. The toxic smell of alcohol and cigarette’s clogging up Elijah’s nose as soon as his father burst in. Elijah just stared at his father before bursting up from his seat on the bed. He ran over to the window and tried to climb out but his father grabbed him and threw him back inside. Kicking him in the stomach and winding him.


“YOU ARE A BURDEN TO ME NOTHING BUT A PUNCHING BAG, THAT’S WHY YOU WERE BORN,” his father shouted kicking him in the stomach again.


Elijah felt sick as he came to his feet. He tried to run again but his dad stopped him pushing him into the ground and sitting on him. He pushed his whole weight into his son to pin him to the ground. Elijah wiggled a bit but was met to a punch to the face. He winced and cried out in pain as his father laid another punch on the opposite cheek.


“STOP,” Elijah cried out tears streaming down his face.


“You’re dead to me you hear that? You’re nothing but a waste of space, an annoying little insect.” Eli’s father growled with a vial twist to his words, right in Elijah’s face.


That was when something changed. Elijah’s dad began to cough a splatter of blood came from his mouth and hit his face. Elijah wiped his forehead and looked at the blood streaked across his arm. His father wiped his mouth.


“Don’t say anything,” he growled walking out of the room with a powerful stride.


Elijah was so confused. Instantly he got up and rushed to the bathroom where he washed up his face. Bruises littered his cheeks and he pulled up his shirt. His skinny exterior covered in bruises from today and the day before. His lip red from the encounter from Theo. His golden brown hair, almost blonde had been turned into an absolute mess. His eyes were rather normal, he got no direct his but the bruising did bring out the blue in his eye.

“God dammit,” he cursed as he hit the sink. He watched as tears fell from his eyes. Another restless tear filled night.


The weekend came with a whirl of depression which didn’t last long as Elijah set out to go see Isaac. The park was a ten minute walk from his house and he smiled as he approached Isaac’s side. Isaac looked rather happy and the sun made his dirty blonde hair shine oddly. He had a rather angelic glow to him.


“How have you been short stack?” Isaac chuckled which was met with Elijah’s glare.


“I’ve been fine,” Elijah replied.


They both walked silently over to the swing set. Their bodies sitting down in unison, it took Isaac to break the silence.


“Is everything with your fa-“


“He’s sick.”

Isaac looked at Elijah with a frown. He was confused cocking his brow and tilting his head to the side like a lost puppy.


“What do you mean he’s sick?” he asked.


“He was beating me the other day, he was very angry. When he coughed, blood splattered across my face and dribbled down his mouth.” Elijah paused with a breath. “He growled at me not to tell anyone.”


Isaac met Elijah with a concerned look on his face and got up hugging Elijah tightly. Elijah didn’t expect this at all and felt kind of awkward but Elijah soon rested his head on Isaac’s chest lightly and hugged him back. Holding each other in the sunlight which hit Elijah’s back and brought absent warmth to his body.


The silence was broken by the constant buzzing of Elijah’s phone. He picked it up and his mother was spamming him with texts.






Along with many other abusive slurs, Elijah hugged Isaac tightly.


“I have to go, something is wrong at home,” Elijah just left. He turned and left without any explanation. He needed to get home and see what was going on.


Elijah got home to an Ambulance; the lights were bright as he walked past. The medical team were rolling someone out of his house. A male, obviously his father rolled out on the stretcher. Elijah walked inside cocking a brow, where did his mother hide her drugs, he wondered.


“What happened?” Elijah asked as his mother appeared from upstairs.


“Cardiac arrest, your father is going to be in hospital for a couple days,” His mother just chuckled. “Old man, should’ve expected this from such an anger problem,” she lit a cigarette for herself and walked into the kitchen.


Elijah looked at the ambulance drive off outside. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, just glad he was going to miss the abuse his father had to offer him.


The school week came back in a blur and the school yard was oddly still for a Monday morning. Elijah sat with Isaac almost cuddling in their little spot next to the wall. Elijah had told Isaac about his father and Isaac was a good comforter. Their bodies lightly melded together. Class started in five minutes and they didn’t really want to go so they were going to wag. A large shadow soon towered over them and Elijah looked up to be met with Theo who had a large smirk written on his face.


“Well, look at the two little lovers, gay boys, you disgust me.” Theo growled.


“Sod off Theo we have no time for you,” Isaac said.


“NO, I want my little punching bag,” Theo said going to grab Elijah who pushing him away.


Elijah stood up he was over Theo’s constant bullying and abuse. His father was in hospital and he wasn’t going to stand it anymore.

“Go away Theo,” Elijah growled at him. Theo went to grab him. “GO AWAY,” Elijah shouted pushing Theo to the ground.


Theo scrambled to get back up, “come on little boy, we know what happened last time you tried to fight back.”


Elijah had a sudden rush of adrenaline holding his fist high he pounded down on Theo’s face once. He felt the bone in his nose break and blood dribbled down from his nostril.


“Leave or it gets worse,” Elijah warned.


Theo growled and turned away, “This isn’t over gay boy,” he shouted as he ran off to get his nose checked out.


Isaac looked at Elijah in shock he was surprised, where Elijah’s strength come from?  Isaac stood up and looked at Elijah who just stared back at him.


“We never talk of this again, I’m surprised at what happened to,” Elijah broke the silence.


Isaac didn’t say anything but give his friend a hug. He congratulating him on his bravery, before actually going to class, wagging wasn’t on his mind anymore.


After school Elijah went straight to the hospital it was filled with a mess of people and it took Elijah ages to finally find his father’s room. The curtain was shut but you could hear his father’s complaining.


“I just want out of here, get my bloody doctor, and let me go home,” he shouted.


Elijah entered the area in clear sight for his father who was lying in the hospital bed. There was a vial smile on his father’s face as he watched Elijah sit down. A nasal cannula sat underneath his father’s nose and needles in his vein.


“You’re the last person I expected to visit me,” he said.


“I’m your son what do you expect? What did they do?” Elijah asked.


“CT scan, chest X-rays, apparently I’m wheezing and my chest sounds like a mouse squeaking. They’re calling it Emphysema, and the cardiac arrest came from a poor diet, clogged my arteries.” He explained.


Elijah took this all in and thought for a second, “Mum wants to know when you’re coming home.”


“Never probably, IF THEY DON’T COME AND HELP ME.”


Elijah looked at his father before getting up going to leave without a word.


“Where are you going not going to stay with your dear old dad?” he asked.


“I’d rather just go home, I have school tomorrow.” Elijah spat at his father with an angry tone.


“All you gay boys caring about learning and the arts,” his father laughed at his stereotypical joker before going into a coughing fit. He went to sit up but couldn’t because the cannula was stuck so he just took it off like the ignorant person he was. He sat there coughing his lungs up, blood on his hand from his mouth.


“NURSE,” Elijah called as his father couldn’t stop coughing and he clutched his chest.


Elijah watched the heart rate spike before dropping and his heart had stopped. Nurses and doctors flooded the room surrounding his father. He was pushed out of the curtain and listened as the machine completely flat-lined and all the hurrying stopped.


“Time of death, four o’clock PM, twenty third of August, 2016.”

© Copyright 2018 Jarrad. All rights reserved.

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