Summer Pop Rock

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It's a song by me(Moon) and is sung by Jack.

Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016



Summer Pop Rock


The stars in the sky are changing

The sky’s a brighter blue

The sun is finally turning to it’s pretty blood red hue


The stars are burning brighter

The sun’s a blood red color

The horizon’s now a far better ruby color


Everybody follow me down

In the summer sunset

Down to the beach right now

Let’s get this cool night started


Here at this summer beach

Let’s start a legend party

Listen to some summer beats

As everyone just keeps dancing


Let’s light the sky on fire

Let us light up our stage

Shout out to Markiplier

Let’s break out of this cage


And here we Are-----

And here we Sing-----

Here we Start-----

An epic beach party


(Dubstep Break)


Singing on the beach

let's Dance near a huge bonfire

So much more to see

Let’s make the flames go higher


If you dare say that we’re being to noisy

It goes on without saying

That we’ll only turn up our beats


Now follow us down to the beach

For grand beach party

Let’s bust out our new moves

While Singing our Beats


The sun’s now blood red

This party ain’t gonna end

Come on over even if you’re dead

And you know that you can bet



It’s a summer filled with a brand new pop

An’ We’d like to call it Pop... rock


Cuz she’s a brand new breed of song to you and me

So choke down all your greed cuz we’ve got just what you need

So what if that’d be our breed of songful deeds!


(Dubstep Drop/outro)

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