Thee Assholes Just Won't Die

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taken from my book, "I Gotta Find My Mind"

Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



Thee Assholes Just Won't Die


As alone as I ever could be

I may as well get ran over by a fly

Driving a Mack truck

Just like a human

But enough about me

Let's talk about how stupid the world is

How people would rather vote

__for an incompetent moron

____who hates every one

______and is just a complete asshole

________just to make disabled people homeless

__________without any income

____________and a wall between us and Mexico

I can only imagine

__how much idiots make up this country

____who make making disabled people suffer

______their top priority

________just because they themselves

__________are not disabled

Their jealousy looks so pathetic

__that I wanna kill them all

Trump supporters don't deserve to live

They just don't

They are all thugs



______and ev'ry kind of prejudice

________that you can think of

Who are only interested in being cool

__by fighting ev'ry one

____who is not a hard ass like them

Well, they can all go fuck themselves

__and die

It makes me sick to my stomach

__that they run this country

They belong behind bars

They should not have right

__to vote

But they do

__and I don't

Because Hillary is pro-choice

And all I can do

__is choke on my "hopes and fears"

Knowing that even my friends

__are not even voting, at all

But even me and all my friends

Couldn't possibly add up

__to all the bigheaded

____narcissistic Trump supporters

______that are against me

________and those who exist like me

People don't deserve their crap

But that only turns them on

The world cannot stop

__the desires for trump

____and all his followers

______that bully the rest of the world

But murder is still illegal

So how can any one protect us

__from him and his army?

They've made it so impossible

__for me to get a gun

____that I couldn't even get one

______to merely kill myself

So I am stuck here

__to suffer

The pain of a threat

__to my future

____fuels the fire

______that burns in the hearts

________of these haters

Who know no other way to live

__other than hating us

____and destroying us

Who only long to wipe us all out

With one election

To kill us all



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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