German for Beginners with Internet-linked Audio Lessons

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My German book is available in two formats:
(1) As e-book in electronic format and
(2) As printed book in paperback format.

It contains exactly ten German lessons.
It also contains the English translation of all the ten German lessons.
It is, moreover, linked to ten audio lessons on the Internet.

It has 78 pages, weighs around 90 grams, measures 210x135x4 mm in size and carries the ISBN 978-93-5212-7788 on the back of the book.

It is useful for learning German at home or in office.
After uploading both the text- and audio files onto your mobile phone, you can learn German on the go from anywhere you are!

Table of Contents

German for Beginners with Six Lessons

Submitted: September 23, 2016

The original book contains ten lessons whereas only six lessons are shown here.
They are:
Day One (1) The Alphabet
Day Two (2) Words
Day Three (3) Everyday German
Day Four (4) General Concepts
Day Five (5) India
Day Ten (10) Letter of Application and Curriculum Vitae
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