shit happens

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Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



The two men drove in Davids blue highlander for some 20 minutes without saying anything. It was now dark,David who was in the drivers sit couldn't see the high way clearly. He just relied on his headlights and hoped they got home to their families on time. "men, dave man, that weeding na wa o." Roland broke the silence. "No food, no drinks just garden eggs and kola nuts" "the thing surprise me o" David replied. "I thought they said the boy has money" Hehehehe! Roland revealed his set of teeth in what was supposed to be a chuckle. "Money my foot" he snaped.David made a hissing sound and changed the topic. "This your Dubai trip self,how far" "mtchew, My brother let me get my letter next week first, i don't know what the people want from me again.Go today go tomorrow salary self, dem no de fit pay on time.only God can solve the problem of this country o"For the next 2 hours they talked about work and politics.At about 21:55 David saw a bright light blinking rapidly on the horizon. For a moment, he assumed it was just another driver with a faulty headlamp.As he approached the vehicle, he felt a cold chill down his spine. In one quick glance, he could clearly see the driver of the 911 truck struggling with his steering wheel,swerving from one side of the highway to the other. "Jesus! Jesus Christ"! Roland exclaimed at the top of his voice. With a sudden swerve to the right, the highlander jeep smashed into the pedestrian track of the bridge, at 60km/h and summasalted into the open sea.

Henry was convinced that if he maintained his current speed, he could make it home before midnight. He thought about how he had pleaded for several hours before the mechanic agreed to take 4500naira and finally released his truck, he smiled at the thought of this.The highway was unusually quite except for the voice of Kenny Rogers singing softly over the radio and the occasional whizzing noise his truck made as it surged foward. He caught sight of the billboard that indicated a Bridge ahead and decided to reduce his speed.he stepped on the break pedal but got the shock of his life when the truck showed no sign of slowing down "This break has failed me! this break has failed me again"!he cried. His eyes darted with fright as he stepped on the break pedal repeatedly.Not knowing what to do, he flicked on his blinkers to warn incoming drivers.He considerd jumping off the speeding truck but dismissed the thought in terror.As he approached the other end of the bidge, he noticed an incoming vehicle. With a sudden rush of adrenaline, he swerved to the left to avoid the vehicle, then to the right and left again,but caught the rear side of the vehicle as it dashed violently across the bridge into the sea.With a screeching sound,his truck came to a forceful halt when it smashed the opposite end of the pedestrian track. He slid out of the truck, examined himself in disbelief and limped out of sight into the horizon

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