Eight Weeks Of Worcester

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Welcome to Eight Weeks Of Worcester, the original story started about a war against crack but it has envoled into a thriller with excitment suspence and twists that will make other writers smile. The original main chacters name is Mythril Creen who has a four way multipal personality disorder being, Steve, Ricci, Ronny, and Creen are the same person. Ronny is the evil side, Steve is the emotional side, Ricci is imature and Creen is all of them combined. Creens entire life has been plague and ruined by crack. Chapter one is his birth, chapter two is what broke him. What is interesting is alot of the book is true that I have to leave a authors note at the end of certain chaptairs to help the reader get a goodexperience when reading this novel. The book does take place in Worcester Mass. All streets are real, the locations, it's written not only for Worcester but for every one. Some might think chapter two is to much then I say don't read anymore. Chapter two was all real aside the murders, ao the details are good and very descriptive. Eight Weeks Of Worcester will give shivers down any readers back and if you don't get them in chapter two I will get you before the end of part one. I have also invended another option like AA and NA. I will not give out it's name yet that you must read for, also I can not go into any details about Burping, only one character burps and it's never been thought of until now. The eight weeks is from June 2nd to July 28th where a higher power has put Worcester in a time warp where entire lives are lived in eight weeks, entire love relationships are lived and died in eight weeks. If it sounds weird it's really not. A dark side wants Worcester to continue dieing in filth but a god has stepped in and gave the city Creen who declares the cil war on the east coast. One evil sent to kill another evil and there is to much for me to tell it's a must read.

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Mythri Creen

Submitted: September 23, 2016

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