Wash It, Que Loco

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It is that way.

Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



?It is amazing, amazing how politicians wash it all, at the end, clean as pristine water

I am a liar, my gosh, politicians are the mothers and fathers of all liars

We believe them, if not, how come we have them there practically for life, eternity

Oh, our constitution of course help them out to come out even cleaner

When one of them is caught, then, the 5th comes very handy, que loco!

But here, listen, I have none against my or our constitution, after all, it protects me as well

?Singing songs like troubadours, like story teller didn't help then and not helping now

?Is the world we live in, a world where nothing is perfect, everything is accepted

Ambush, ambushing every day by our politicians, is our way of life, rules and laws

?It is amazing, amazing how I wasted my time writing about politicians, Que Loco!


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