The Attainment Of Perfection

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Do you really think that anybody looks perfect? And what is perfect anyway?

Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



The Attainment Of Perfection


Now look at you, you’re all decked out ready for the kill

But this focus on appearances really makes me ill.


You have all your pots and jars aiming for perfection

But really it’s all adding to a mask of some deception.


Your hair is coloured, pulled and crimped to make it go just so,

The hours that you’ve spent on it they will never know.


The days you’ve spent in hunger in a battle to get thin

It’s one that you should give up ‘cause you will never win.


You’ve paid out so much money on clothes they said you should

Maybe you’d be better buying things that just feel good.


You’ve bought in to the image, they’ve sold you an ideal’

You’re fighting to become someone that is not even ‘real’.


The pictures all are photo-shopped, made to make you strive

To become like someone plastic who was never once alive.


The perfection you are after, the focus of attainment

Is simply a consumer ploy with constant rearrangement.


So much misery is caused through continuous dejection,

By something so far out of reach as physical perfection.


I’m not buying into it, this media-hyped dream,

I’m not gonna play along with that consumer scheme.


It’s the person who’s inside that is important in my book

But society, it’s blinkered and is not prepared to look.



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